The art of falling

30 May 2007     •     6 Comments
Daily Dose

Gail’s toon: fallingI’m not really fond of watching beauty pageants. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m a girl, but watching ladies parade in bikinis and evening wear kind of bore me (heck, fashion shows bore me). The last time I probably took the time to watch a pageant (specifically the evening wear segment), was a few years back in college when I was scouting for a pretty gown to wear on a formal occasion a friend of mine was organizing. I had no plans of buying one, but my mom and my aunts knew of a couturier in Divisoria who can draw inspiration from designer gowns.

So what brought me to watch this year’s Ms. Universe pageant? Well… Let’s just say I was curious—very curious about Ms. USA’s little spectacle during the evening gown segment.

She fell on her ass at the start of parading her evening gown. But she fell with style. Her ass must have been aching bad (it looked quite painful on TV), but she took it in stride and just smiled as if nothing happened.

That’s the art of falling, baby! Read more

What’s your aquarium?

28 May 2007     •     4 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff

Seven days of no blogging? Geez. I had no idea it’s been that long. Being a “bread winner” is apparently taking its awful toll.

I have been meaning to blog this but never really found the time to. Last Thursday, Abe, Juned, Markku, Marc and I were talking about “personal space” and how it can affect your outlook in life. It never really occurred to me, but when you’re talking to Mr. Psych Guy Juned, you can’t help but think about it.

Gail’s cool aquarium

I grew up sharing a room with my grandma and my younger sister. My parents were busy people, and they slept really late. Good thing my grandma lived with us—my sister and I were scared of the dark (we still are, actually). She told us Bible stories and sometimes fairy tales before putting us to bed. My sister would always be the first to fall asleep, while I remember taking about an hour or two listening to my grandma snore. Read more

Husbands and household chores

21 May 2007     •     14 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff

My husband, Marc, is now officially unemployed. He’s still waiting for his last pay (which, we honestly think would just be a few cents since our loan would be credited from it), but so far, I think we’re holding up. Financially, at least.

Our web design company is doing quite ok, and though it takes about a month for dollar checks to be cleared, blogging is also helping. But the thing is, I’d have to work extra hard now in order to accommodate more design projects—laziness just isn’t an option. Marc’s the one who attends client meetings and all those organizational stuff so my work flow won’t be disrupted and I won’t get too tired, but the workload just doesn’t allow me to have some time to do household work.

Our dirty laundry reached incredible heights when Marc and I finally decided that we got to do a bit of role-reversal until we get organized in this new setup. To be honest, I’ve relaxed my work schedule a bit when I got married. Marc had a regular job then, so we didn’t have to worry about cash flowing in. But now, we only have two sources of income left, our web design company and blogging. And frankly, I’m a bit overwhelmed with the sudden change in work schedule that I’ve been frequently forgetting major things (but yes, my memory for minute details is still intact). Read more

Six weird things about me

18 May 2007     •     4 Comments
Daily Dose

I’m really not one to take part in memes, but here I am, on to my second one (the first was disclosing non-public knowledge stuff). There are actually better things I’d prefer to be blogging about, but my schedule had been so hectic lately that I can’t think properly of better things to say. Besides, it’s been such a stressful week that I think now is the perfect time to blog about something “light.”

Thanks for the tag, Rico—it came at the right moment.

Let’s get to it then, shall we? Here are the 6 weird things about me… Read more

Everybody lies

15 May 2007     •     4 Comments
Daily Dose

Honesty campaign Cebu seaportHouse, MD is one of my favorite TV shows (one of the few that I actually do my best to find the time to watch). The phrase, “everybody lies,” is the Dr. House’s favorite line. House deals with patients who lie trough their teeth, sometimes even at the cost of their lives, and most often than not, become a hindrance to his diagnosis.

I’m not a very trusting person myself—I can count the people who can say they know me with my fingers. My dad said that I probably got this attitude from my mom (my dad’s the trusting one). Though my guarded personality does prevent me from getting screwed over left and right, he said that would have to learn to put my faith in at least one other person besides my immediate family, or I’d end up becoming a cranky old maid—thank goodness I listened to him hehe.

Other than Marc, I did learn to open up to a few more people. I don’t talk much about the details of my life story to everyone, only to a chosen few. Although I’m still generally guarded, I do put a bit more faith in people now than I did before.

But sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake doing that. Read more

A dose of music, art, and sex

9 May 2007     •     12 Comments
Daily Dose

Yeah, yeah. I know I haven’t been posting as frequently and as regularly as before. Sorry. I’ve been busy with “preparing” for my husband’s upcoming resignation. With all the pressure and stress that I’ve been enduring for the past few days since I got back from a four-day vacation with my friends, it’s by great chance that Marc decided that Cebu would be the best place for us to buy a guitar.

Guitar, Gail, and Aileen

I bought this guitar in Cebu (so did Aileen and Chris), with Abe picking the color closest to his flaming tomato red Adsense car. The guitar sounded great, and eerily reminded me of the very first guitar I ever owned—a present from a favorite uncle who passed away four years ago. Read more

Bad blog days

5 May 2007     •     6 Comments
Tech Things

I’ve been blogging since 2004. But if you count those years when “blogs” were still unheard of and personal sites with journals were the “in” thing to do, I would say it would go as far back as 1996. I still have an offline record of those entries, but I prefer to keep it there in order to protect my reputation haha.Lazy bum

I started blogging in a “dear diary” fashion, and I’m happy to say that it has somehow evolved into a more focused blog which emphasizes the frustrated philosopher in me. One thing never changed though: I still get those bouts of “bad blogging mood swings.”

I’ve written more than once already about creativity blocks as a designer, and I think this is the first time I’ll write one as a blogger.

I haven’t really encountered a moment when I totally, and I do mean totally, can’t design. It’s kind of like a psychological block just waiting to be blasted away. A moment of relaxation would be enough to conquer that block. But in blogging, it’s a bit different. For one, there is no nagging fear of getting penalized for an unfulfilled design contract. Although I try as much as possible to be consistent in the frequency of my entries in order to keep the flow of traffic and inbound links, the “obligation” of publishing a blog entry at least every two to four days isn’t as stringent as that of submitting a design for a client within three business days. Read more

10 Things I’ve learned in Bohol

3 May 2007     •     15 Comments
Daily Dose

I just got back from a Cebu and Bohol trip with Abe, Aileen, Sasha, Rico, Sharm, Marc M., and Chris. Unfortunately, my husband couldn’t join us—he was being enslaved by not being allowed to take a leave during the last 30 days of his employment. It was fun though, and I was able to get to know these bloggers I consider my closest friends (aww…).

The Bohol Experience!

So… What have I found out while in Bohol? Read more

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