I’ve been blogging since 2004. But if you count those years when “blogs” were still unheard of and personal sites with journals were the “in” thing to do, I would say it would go as far back as 1996. I still have an offline record of those entries, but I prefer to keep it there in order to protect my reputation haha.Lazy bum

I started blogging in a “dear diary” fashion, and I’m happy to say that it has somehow evolved into a more focused blog which emphasizes the frustrated philosopher in me. One thing never changed though: I still get those bouts of “bad blogging mood swings.”

I’ve written more than once already about creativity blocks as a designer, and I think this is the first time I’ll write one as a blogger.

I haven’t really encountered a moment when I totally, and I do mean totally, can’t design. It’s kind of like a psychological block just waiting to be blasted away. A moment of relaxation would be enough to conquer that block. But in blogging, it’s a bit different. For one, there is no nagging fear of getting penalized for an unfulfilled design contract. Although I try as much as possible to be consistent in the frequency of my entries in order to keep the flow of traffic and inbound links, the “obligation” of publishing a blog entry at least every two to four days isn’t as stringent as that of submitting a design for a client within three business days.

I guess I’ve always been lax when it comes to blogging. After all, it isn’t my primary source of income—design is. So when I get a severe attack of laziness, I get really, really lazy. If I wasn’t in the mood to blog, I really won’t be able to think of anything to blog about—nor would I want to. As I said, it’s a psychological thing. If it was something like, say, a sponsored post with a time limit for submission, I’d probably haul my arse off the bed and blog whatever comes to mind.

I still haven’t gotten to the point of needing to be bribed in order to blog (ie. My husband), but I do get those “bad blog days.” Kind of like having that monthly female thing, you know? Once a month we get really pissy due to a hormonal thing—bad blog days are just like that. They just happen.

I suppose I’d have the same amount of self-discipline in blogging if I was writing for a blog network that requires a certain number of posts a month. But at this point, I still see blogging as fun. Not work/fun like design is.

By the 20th of May, Marc would be unshackled from the corporate rat race. I’m really beginning to feel the pressure now (I’m not used to having both of us be “technically unemployed”), and I know one of these days I’ll have to put the same effort on blogging in order for us to get by. Marc’s resignation will definitely allow us to take in more projects than before, but it’s good to have at least some “blog money” for leisure time.

The past few days have been bad blog days for me. I just couldn’t blog. I was so not in the mood to. But the thought of a rotting blog scared me of the possibility of losing extra cash from blogging. So yeah. It was pressure that “helped” me get over these bad blog days. Relaxation wouldn’t do—I would just get lazier.

Kind of funny, don’t think? Blogging is supposed to be fun for me, and fear had to be the one to get me out of my funk. Ah, the irony of life.

Have you encountered a bad blog day yet? If so, what did you do to get out of it?