I’m really not one to take part in memes, but here I am, on to my second one (the first was disclosing non-public knowledge stuff). There are actually better things I’d prefer to be blogging about, but my schedule had been so hectic lately that I can’t think properly of better things to say. Besides, it’s been such a stressful week that I think now is the perfect time to blog about something “light.”

Thanks for the tag, Rico—it came at the right moment.

Let’s get to it then, shall we? Here are the 6 weird things about me…

  1. I make a snack out of bagoong (shrimp paste).
    Just plain, not-taken-as-a-supplement bagoong. Yeah, I know it’s so wrong (bladder stones, anyone?), but it tastes so good. I especially like the sweet and chili version (I can eat the typical salty one, but I won’t get as addicted).
  2. My skin is hyper-sensitive to direct sunlight.
    Put me under the sun for about a few minutes, touch my skin, and you’ll be surprised to find it already very warm. I need to practically take a bath in sun block lotion whenever I’m at the beach or out in a track, soccer, or softball field, else, I’ll end up with the sunburn from hell.
  3. Dogs find me very appealing.
    Maybe it’s because I have 13 of them living in the house (yeah, inside the house), but for some reason, I become friends with “dog strangers” everywhere I go. Dogs approach me whenever I call them, even if they’re not mine. A military dog licked my face out of the blue, and a bomb-sniffing dog at a mall tried to hump my leg. One even tried to make a pillow out of my foot. Most of the dogs I’ve met made me feel like we’ve been friends forever. I’m complaining or anything. After all, it’s good to feel like you’re St. Francis of Assisi at least once in a while 😛
  4. I have to play solitaire whenever I’m deep in thought.
    No, I don’t bring out a deck of cards—I use the pre-installed solitaire game that comes with Windows. I don’t really know why I do that, actually. Other people would probably have a dazed, faraway look on their face when they’re thinking, and really concentrate on their thoughts. Me, I need to play solitaire. It’s like my brain has to multi-task in order to function properly.
  5. I design sites for fun.
    Seriously. If I’m not going out, I usually spend weekends on my computer doing CSS or designing for my personal projects. I don’t consider a day complete without opening Photoshop for at least a few minutes. It’s totally nerdy, I know. But if you’ve been doing the same routine for the past 10 years (yep, that’s how long I’ve been using Photoshop), you just can’t help it.
  6. I have a “photographic” memory.
    I’m no genius and I frequently forget things (like leaving my mobile phone all over the place), but I do have this weird way of remembering minute details. Say, in a meeting. I’ll remember all important details and even off-hand comments (especially if I find something fishy about the client—I don’t trust easily, you know) without the need to take down notes. My ears would have something like a built-in recorder. For visual things, it’s like I have my own photocopy machine. I first remember how elements are placed on a graphic or a layout, then from there, I remember more specific details such as text, pictures, etc. I’m glad I’m weird this way, but I think what makes this “talent” a tad bit weirder is the fact that I frequently forget where I put things and yet I have a great memory for little details 😛

Continuing this weirdness chain, I’m tagging: Ely, Juned, Jun Asis, Jayvee, Noemi, and Marc (I already know weird things about you, honey dear, but others don’t so go blog this meme!).