I like to daydream. And pretty crazy alternate universes they were too. I guess that’s what happens when you have an overactive imagination.

Daydream collage

I daydreamed about all sorts of things. As a kid, I daydreamed I was Supergirl. To my mom’s frustration, I donned a blanket-turned-cape every now and then (my mom complained about how often I soiled her blankets every time I decided it was time for me to turn into Supergirl). I nearly broke bones (and my mom’s patience) during the time I was imagining myself as Pink Five of Bioman. It was a huge relief for her when I became older and daydreamed about getting married instead of imagining myself jumping incredible heights or flying.

I’m married now, but yes, I still daydream.

I still daydream about a lot of things. I imagine me and my husband owning an old-rich estate with a forest for a garden and a purple New Beetle. I imagine us traveling to Paris, passing time and admiring the paintings and sculptures of famous artists in the Louvre Museum. I imagine going to Egypt and marveling at the remaining wonder of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramid of Giza, while I blogged away on a laptop. I imagine having kids and bringing them to the Universal Studios in Florida. I imagine being rich enough to fund my own foundation for unloved and unsheltered dogs, and have more than enough money to buy my mom’s and my sister’s medicines for the rest of their lives.

I guess it’s safe to say that daydreams have gotten a bit more realistic as I got older (well, maybe except for the old-rich estate, but hey, who knows?). I don’t think it’s because I’ve gotten less imaginative. I like to think that I’m now aiming for things I can actually (and realistically) attain.

I once daydreamed about going to Disneyland Hongkong. To my luck, my generous uncle and aunt gave us a honeymoon trip to Disneyland Hongkong as a wedding gift.

Then came the laptop. After weeks of daydreaming, working, and research (actually, my husband Marc did all the research), we were able to get ourselves a laptop.

I honestly don’t know what will come next. I hope it’s the trip to Paris and Egypt 😀

A friend of mine once said that he has specific plans laid out for himself that he’d like to attain before he dies. Some might think that he’s being too hard on himself, but I prefer to see it as having a set of goals to strive for.

Is daydreaming bad? No, I don’t think so. It’s true that daydreams can sometimes be dangerous (like my Pink Five stint) or messy (dirty blankets for a cape anyone?), but they can also be a motivation for one to work hard and aim for a better life.

I’m a dreamer (blame it on the creative gene). There are a lot of things I dream about doing before I die. Some I’ve already been able to attain, but some I still need to work for. There are times that I imagined myself in a dream that could never be, but I try real hard not to get that imagination get the best of me. But sometimes, I just couldn’t help it. I still think about what could have happened if things were different.

How about you? Do you think dreams can come true?