The magic of JK Rowling: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

22 July 2007     •     8 Comments
Daily Dose

Ok, fine, I’m total geek. I’ve just finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in one sitting. But, if you’ve known me long enough, you’d know it was normal for me to do that. I was lucky that my parents decided that I took up speed reading classes back in grade school, and that my semi-obsession over the books kept me from putting the book down (yeah, not even to take a bath haha).

To be honest, I wasn’t as excited about the last book as I was when the Half-Blood Prince came out last year. Well, I was able to sleep soundly for one, unlike last year—I couldn’t sleep a wink the entire night before the release. I guess I thought I didn’t have much to look forward to when JK Rowling made Dumbledore snuff it—he had always been my favorite. So instead of keeping vigil, I slept and woke my husband up “early” (early, as in, one in the afternoon) to claim the reserved book.

The book was worth every penny, and one year of waiting and wondering if Snape really was an asswipe who finished off my favorite character.

** If you haven’t read the book, but planning to read it or haven’t finished it yet, I highly recommend you don’t continue reading this post until you do. Sorry, but there could be spoilers! 😀 Read more

How neat or messy is your desktop?

21 July 2007     •     12 Comments
Daily Dose

Yeah, I know it’s been so long before my last entry. The “I’ve been busy” excuse is a bit overused already, really, that’s how I’ve been. But this time, it’s more on the personal stuff—other than losing precious PC parts, Marc and I have been helping my dad with my younger sister (yup, Lauren, the “dwende laugh” is lessening).

Gail’s organized desktop

Anyhow, my first question after my one-week hiatus borders geekiness: how neat or messy is your desktop? Read more

When it rains, it pours

12 July 2007     •     17 Comments
Daily Dose Tech Things

I first heard this saying (if it actually is a saying) in the first episode of Desperate Housewives season 2. I never really saw any significance with it (except that it sounded cool), until yesterday.

I actually have a different post prepared for this blog already, but because of the “pouring,” I had to content myself with a new and different one instead. Read along, and you’ll understand why.

Yesterday, I started my day like I always did: turn on the PC on my way to the bathroom. But that “morning” (which was two in the afternoon for normal people) was different—the PC won’t turn on. I tried a few more times with no success and reseated whatever connections could be reseated, didn’t work, so I woke up my tech support-turned-blogger-and-house-husband before I even brushed my teeth—yeah, I still had dragon breath. He was pissy, not because I woke him up with my breath stinking like hell, but because I woke him from his beauty sleep. Usually, a marching band can’t wake up Marc, but after hearing me say that the PC won’t turn on, he was out of bed immediately—he knew from experience that I wouldn’t bother him with PC troubles unless it was really serious.

And so it was. Read more

The consequence of justice

8 July 2007     •     2 Comments
Daily Dose

I got to admit it: I’ve been an insufferable sarcastic witch for the past few days, not to mention a delinquent blogger. I guess stress of work is really starting to get to me—the rejuvenating effects of our free massage session at The Spa (a college buddy gave Marc and me gift certificates each as a wedding gift) only lasted for a couple of days.

I’m not one to praise Philippine National Police or the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), having hearsay knowledge about under-the-table deals and unusual circumstances, but I do believe in giving credit when it’s due.

You see, our subdivision is a relatively peaceful area. The only times when we were really rattled were during Coup d’états, since our place is just a biking distance away from Camp Aguinaldo. You can just imagine the panic we felt hearing the sounds of guns during the uprising against former President Cory Aquino—I even remember our family fleeing to my late great-aunt’s home in BF Homes before the war got worse, and how my sister and I clung on to the family dog in fear as our parents, late grandma, and house maids scurried back and forth to pack valuables to bring with us to the “safe zone.” Read more

My new Logitech G3 Laser Mouse and the Taste Asia food binge

5 July 2007     •     12 Comments
Tech Things

Seven days of no blogging? Gee, I didn’t know it’s been that long. I’ve been meaning to blog (seriously, I was) about my new toy: a Logitech G3 Laser Mouse.

Logitech G3 Laser Mouse

The Most Influential Blogging Overlord had been advising me to get an ergonomic mouse ever since I went to a blogger badminton session with a bandage on my right hand (I swear, that guy’s sales talk can sell a house if he wanted it to). I suppose he thought my cheapo, worn-out, uber-harassed optical mouse had to go. I have quite a high tolerance for pain, so I never really thought of getting a new mouse until the cursor started having a mind of its own. Read more

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