Yeah, I know it’s been so long before my last entry. The “I’ve been busy” excuse is a bit overused already, really, that’s how I’ve been. But this time, it’s more on the personal stuff—other than losing precious PC parts, Marc and I have been helping my dad with my younger sister (yup, Lauren, the “dwende laugh” is lessening).

Gail’s organized desktop

Anyhow, my first question after my one-week hiatus borders geekiness: how neat or messy is your desktop?

Trusted friends who have known me for more than two years already would know that I’m not the world’s neatest person. Ok fine, I’m not neat at all. My computer desk is a total mess (Marc has finally given up trying to clean it up), and my girlfriends who have had the misfortune of sleeping over my childhood bedroom would be able to recall the difficult time they’ve had looking for a tiny space on the floor to walk on.

I don’t know, maybe I just find comfort in chaos.

But if you go through my computer’s files and folders, you’d be surprised at how organized they are. Take my desktop, for example.

I like the icons for the programs and short cuts to folders I frequently use are aligned to my eye level. I want them that way, easy to find. I don’t like saving files to my desktop—the saved files mess it up. It’s just one of those quirks I have, kind of like Noemi’s anti-parking device 😀

I know for a fact that my desktop is very neatly organized. Every time I see Abe’s desktop (and his assistant’s desktop), I can’t help but be amazed at how he’s able to find anything. It’s just like my husband’s, his desktop is total mess too. The icons are just everywhere. And yes, that’s the reason why we decided to have separate Windows accounts—I get really pissy every time he’d mess up my neatly organized desktop.

But the weird thing is, Marc and Abe are two of the neatest people I know. Abe’s house and car are immaculately clean (heck, even his dog James was spic and span before he got kidnapped). Marc gets really annoyed whenever he sees a little speck of dust on his work area, or if anything is suddenly out-of-place. His CDs and DVDs have to be stacked by usage in only one corner of the shelf. Papers and documents have to be properly placed in folders arranged alphabetically. Every week, Marc has to do a “general cleaning” of our entire little house, while I make a mess out of the computer desk he’d given up on as a lost case 😛

It’s funny how these things happen, don’t you think? I find their neatness weird, but they find my neatness even weirder.

I guess everybody just have their own sense of Obsessive-Compulsiveness. Mine are my computer desktop, files, and folders. What’s yours?