Good karma

16 September 2007     •     5 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff

It’s been almost a year already since we had a household help. My family had always been self-sufficient—we got by on our own without a help—but when my mom first had her stroke, it was incredibly difficult not to hire one. My sister had just checked out of psych rehab during that time, and my mom pretty much had the run of the household. My dad and I used to be useless when it came to household chores, and spent most of our time working instead of cooking or doing the laundry. My contribution was limited to washing the dishes, while my dad did the “guy stuff” like electrical repairs or cleaning up the dogs’ mess.

My mom’s stroke was a huge blow to our lifestyle. Dad had to learn cooking, while I had to take over the laundry. Apart from that, we had to work. I couldn’t leave the house when Dad was out, and that really put a strain on my schedule, since I had to make sure that I timed client meetings when Dad didn’t have an assignment. The social life Marc and I had was limited to hanging out in front of the TV while watching over my sister and my mom. The tiring and stressful routine went on for a couple of months, until Dad and I finally decided we needed help. Read more

My animal magnetism

11 September 2007     •     7 Comments
Daily Dose

I have long wondered about that. Why, for the love of God, are animals drawn to me?!

I’ve always thought it was just mere coincidence, or that it pertains only to dogs in particular. But no, even wild animals have this strange need to make me their “property.”

Me with the crazy camel

Marc and I joined a few of our long-time friends for a trip to Pampanga last month. After a day in Fontana Leisure Park, we spent the remaining two days in Subic. My friends knew how much Marc and I love animals (luckily, they’re animal-lovers too), so they made it a point to stop by Zoobic, animal sanctuary / zoo. Two of our friends have already been there, but things turned out way differently during our trip. Read more

Morning walks

8 September 2007     •     6 Comments
Daily Dose

For the past week, I’ve been chained to work (I can’t even find the time to watch Evan Almighty, dammit), and I honestly haven’t been sleeping properly. I woke up at sun set, and got to bed when the sun is about to rise. It wasn’t easy, but I just couldn’t bring myself to stop working when I finally got it going. I’ve been working like this for the past 12 years, and I must say, it’s a tough habit to break.

I was lucky enough last night to sleep early and wake up at six this morning like a normal person. Maybe I was just really tired after another 14 hours of work (not to mention my ass was beginning to hurt), but I certainly didn’t regret turning in early. After a month of living like a bat, I finally had the opportunity to wake up when the sun is up. Read more

The pain and shame of hangovers

1 September 2007     •     7 Comments
Daily Dose Tech Things

Sixteen days of no blogging? Ah. Just a little bit more and I’ll be blogging as sporadic as Markku! 😛 I know the excuse is getting old, but really, I’ve never been this busy since two years ago, when I had to work triple time in order to help my dad pay for my sister’s expensive hospitalization bills and medicines at the psych ward of Medical City. Good thing my being busy is for a much happier reason this time around.

I wanted to blog this sooner, but during my free time last week, I had been indisposed. Really, really indisposed. That was a three-day hangover I nursed, dude! Nothing but a very embarrassing jolt (not to mention a pounding headache) can remind me that alcohol can make a workaholic unproductive. For three days, I’ve moaned and groaned at how painful my head was. Of course, I couldn’t work properly, how could I? And now, I have another load of backlog, not to mention the planned load of impending deadlines this coming week. Read more

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