I love you, Sheero

28 October 2007     •     15 Comments
Family Stuff

Dearest Sheero,

I hope this letter reaches you. I know you can’t read, but I’m sure God or one of his angels will be more than happy to read this for you.

I still can’t believe you left us last Friday night. How could you? You know how special you are to me. You know how much I love you. And you didn’t even say goodbye. You went into that coma and just left. Just like that. We were there at the vet just a few minutes after you went to heaven, Sheero. You could have waited. Read more

Emotional attachment

23 October 2007     •     5 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff

People who don’t like animals probably would never understand the emotional attachment a person could feel for a pet. It’s hard for them to marvel how one pet-lover can spend for an animal’s vet meds when “it only deserves” to be put outside the house in a cage and thrown leftovers. These are the same people who cannot imagine having a dog as a friend, a loyal companion no matter what happens.


Lucky I’m not one of those. But I sometimes wish I am. Especially now. Read more

Glorietta blast: A real tragedy

20 October 2007     •     7 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff

I slept late yesterday, really late. Marc and I had a client presentation in Makati around 4pm, but I spent the night till lunch time working, so I had to pass. We had planned to hang out at Glorietta first before meeting our client (it would have been easier to take the train instead of bringing a car), but since I haven’t slept yet, Marc and I decided that he’ll just drive to Makati and just park the car in Glorietta so he wouldn’t have to withstand the city’s infamous traffic. I went to bed at 12:30pm, and Marc asked my dad to borrow the car to drive to Makati about the same time.

Glorietta 2 Blast

When Marc left, I was still asleep and my dad didn’t hear him leave. He knew that Marc was going to Makati, he just didn’t know what time. I didn’t either. Read more

Change of environment

19 October 2007     •     4 Comments
Family Stuff

The psychiatrist of my younger sister, Joyce, had long advised us that a change of environment will be good for her. The family decided about two or three years ago to sell our house and move to a new one—we were pretty strapped for cash at that time, and the maintenance of a commercial property was a bit too much. But when an interested buyer came, we changed our mind, for the simple reason that we didn’t need the money anymore.

The house where Marc and I live within my family’s duplex

About a week ago, my family decided to finally sell our property. For real this time, and not just for monetary purposes. It was because of Joyce that we came to this decision. Read more

One year older…

8 October 2007     •     9 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff

It’s weird thinking about your age after you’ve gotten married. I just turned 26 an hour ago, but I can’t help but feel time is running so fast. 22 years ago, I was just wondering how it felt like to be 12 years old and to finally have boobs.

Yeah, now I have boobs, but I’m starting to wonder how it would be like if I turned back time and re-did the things I regretted doing, starting from age four.

What if I could? Read more

Say your thanks and win a prize

5 October 2007     •     8 Comments
Tech Things

This blog has gone through a lot—redesigns, criticisms, support, praise, etc.—in the past three years of its existence. And for that, I thank you all for continuing to read and support it:

Thank you!

Yeah, this is another Thank You Day Philippines pimp. I’m pimping my work. Haha. Seriously though, this is one pimp where you can actually win prizes. Read more

An early birthday present

3 October 2007     •     14 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff Tech Things

Five days from now, I’ll be turning 26. I haven’t really thought about how to celebrate it—I just have a lot of work to do—so maybe I’ll just have a quiet dinner with family and some old friends.

I honestly find it a huge relief to be able to blog again. I’ve passed up quite a lot of blogger and press events for the past month (damn, I so wanted to go to the Interior Design exhibit that Blooey invited me to, going there would have given me cool ideas when we finally have the funds for a house renovation), and I still haven’t gotten my usual monthly movie fix. I just don’t have the time. It’s a miracle I even found time to breathe 😛

A week ago, Marc was starting to pity my sorry state. Or maybe he felt guilty, since I still found time to cook for him regardless of my uberly busy schedule (in fairness, he’s the one doing the laundry). He finally admitted to me what he said to Abe when they were scouting for a laptop more than a month ago—he wanted to get me a Wacom Intuous 3 for my birthday.

Since I’ve been such a hard-working good girl, my husband bought me an early birthday present: Read more

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