One year of better and worse

25 November 2007     •     15 Comments
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Me and Marc at the Ateneo de Manila Kostka ExtensionJust this evening, Marc and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We didn’t really do anything much, the two of us just went out on a dinner date at Il Pirata in Eastwood City and saw the Beowulf movie. I guess I’ve been favoring quieter evenings ever since Sheero passed away—I still haven’t had the heart to party yet.

I can’t really explain it, but it’s kind of weird celebrating our first wedding anniversary. It’s another one of those instances when you feel that time seems to pass by too quickly. It seemed only like yesterday when my dad and I were just arguing over the wedding plans. Now, a year has already passed—one year of me and Marc being stuck with each other 😀

No, make that six years of being together. Marc and I started going out back in college. And funny how it started too. Read more

Thank goodness for blogging

24 November 2007     •     2 Comments
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Before Paypal became fully operational here in the Philippines, I have always received my blogging earnings through check payment. Marc and I had to open a dollar savings account when I started monetizing my blogs about a year ago—besides, we needed a dollar account for clients who preferred paying through bank wire as well—and I deposited all my dollar blog earnings there (well, maybe except for those earnings I got from local direct advertisers).

A check I deposited usually took about three weeks to clear, aside from the fact that it takes about another two to three weeks for the check to get delivered. Until then, I wouldn’t be able to do anything with the check I received. Marc and I basically just left our dollar account be, and spent the earnings we got from our web design business for daily expenses.

We don’t normally spend money from the dollar account mainly because we’re just too lazy to withdraw from it 😀 It’s not like an ATM account, where you head over to the nearest machine or use your card to pay for purchases in stores that allow EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). You will have to go to the bank during banking hours (9am to 3pm), wait in line to withdraw the dollars, then have it exchanged to Philippine Pesos before you can actually spend it. If you wanted to exchange your dollars at a higher rate, you’d even have to go to a money changer. Hassle, isn’t it? Read more

“It’s like falling in love again”

15 November 2007     •     8 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff

That was the answer Abe gave me when I asked him why he didn’t want a new dog when I offered him a puppy months ago. He said that he wasn’t ready yet for a new furry friend after the loss of his beloved James. “It’s like falling in love again,” he said. You need time to get over the love you’ve just lost.

He was right. You do need some time to get over the one you’ve lost. It wouldn’t be fair to your “new love.” But, “getting over” doesn’t mean you’ll have to forget.

Shantee with Sheero’s framed photo

It took Abe months before he accepted a new puppy from us. It took me less than that—just about a week. Read more

The silver lining

7 November 2007     •     11 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff

Thank you for your sympathies and condolences we received through text, email and comments. Marc and I really appreciate them.

* * *

Losing my dog Sheero is probably hardest loss I had to go through. This sounds a bit crazy, but for some reason, it seemed to be more painful than losing my grandma and my uncle. And that wasn’t because I loved the dog more. I shared the grief of losing my grandma and uncle with a lot of other people, but Marc and I were the only ones grieving for Sheero. That, I think, made the loss of Sheero more painful and harder to bear.

Sheero’s grave

I’ll have to be honest. I cried every time I remembered Sheero during the first few days of her passing, and spent the past week moping around the house—I didn’t even have the energy to go out and enjoy the holiday vacation. It took every inch of my willpower to write her my goodbye letter, and I kept wondering when the pain will ever end. Read more

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