A long Boracay weekend with bloggers

14 January 2008     •     29 Comments
Daily Dose

Boracay beachFirst off, I’d like to apologize to those who have emailed me about wanting to volunteer for the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards Night. Marc and I joined a few travel and photo bloggers last weekend (January 11 to 13) on a sponsored trip to Boracay. Abe was the mastermind of the whole thing, so it really won’t make much of a difference if he was the one you emailed or me 😛 Let’s just say that strolling on the white sand beaches of Boracay is way, way better than getting cooped up all day answering emails. I made that mistake once in Puerto Galera—I didn’t want to make the same mistake again.

Our trip was sponsored by Microtel Inns & Suites Boracay, in partnership with South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) and Zuzuni Boutique Hotel & Restaurant. For a comprehensive review of their services, check out my wedding blog. I might eventually do one here in Kutitots, but first allow me to tell you about what happened. Attending blogger meet-ups is one thing, but spending a weekend with a bunch of them is totally different—you just won’t be able to help but notice funny stuff. So… Read on and allow me to spill the beans on the Philippines’ popular travel and photo bloggers!!! Read more

The 2008 Philippine Blog Awards

11 January 2008     •     11 Comments
Daily Dose Tech Things

We just officially launched the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards!

2008 Philippine Blog Awards

So, you think you got what it takes to be considered one of the Philippines’ finest bloggers? Well, here’s your chance! 😀 Read more

My New Year’s resolutions “anti-list”

1 January 2008     •     5 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff

New Year fountain fireworksIt seems everywhere I blog-hop I find everyone’s New Year’s resolutions (I’m actually just enjoying the last few hours of my freedom from work, which I shall return enslavement to after my holiday break). Another new year, another “chance” of a new life. New goals, new aspirations, new targets. But have you really stopped and wondered why these resolutions are made every new year and not just on some ordinary day? What’s so special about the New Year anyway? The “7” from “2007” just turned 8.

Yeah, I know I’m being cynical. But hey, it’s a thought. Say one of your resolutions is to quit smoking. Ok… Now, tell me. Why wait for the New Year when you can do that the very next day? Or the very hour? Or the very moment you said you will quit smoking? Do your lungs need to withstand “just a few more days” so you can “officially” start quitting on New Year? I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that a “resolution” like this is more of a bargain than an actual promise. Read more

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