I’m not sure if this is a side effect of her medication or underdeveloped frontal lobe, but my younger sister Joyce’s thinking is that of a thirteen-year-old ever since her schizophrenia started. Sometimes it seems like she’s “stuck” being young, and she doesn’t really like doing things a well 22-year-old would usually like to do. She’d rather watch cartoons or play with her PSP console than go out and party.

But even if my sister is sick, she’s actually more thoughtful than a “normal” person would be. She showed her deep appreciation every time I cooked for her by taking out Shantee for a walk for me if I’m too busy or helping me wash the dishes in our kitchen. She even made me a home-made card for my birthday. Last Wednesday when Joyce and our dad were taking out china and glasses out of the moving boxes, she went to my home office and gave me this:

I know, I know. It’s just a mug. And I would appreciate anything my sister gives me—because I know for a fact that it came from the heart. But there’s something more to this mug. I didn’t want to accept it at first, because I knew our late grandma gave it to her and that Lisa Simpson is her favorite character. But Joyce insisted, and said that this mug fit me. I turned the mug and this is what I saw…

I kept the mug and placed it on a visible part of my work area. I’d like to see the mug every time I start work, a constant reminder of the person who was proud of me and considered me an “OVERACHIEVER.” This mugs certainly beats any “work motivation” exercise I’ve ever tried 🙂