Sorry guys, I’ve been sick for the past two weeks, I haven’t really been able to do much. So this is going to be a “quickie” post. I have so much backlog in blogging lately, so I figured a short update will do. I’ve been meaning to post a new entry once I’ve finished my new design (I’m already in the coding phase!), but I got sick and some of these things can’t wait anymore.

Events recap for April

Dell Consumer Line Launch
Last month, Dell recently launched its portable consumer line here in the Philippines. Three words: IT’S ABOUT TIME. Marc and I have long wanted a Dell… Mainly because we worked as tech support for them for some time (Marc was tech support for about two years). Somehow, we find it more comfortable working on a portable that we’ve seen inside-out (figuratively and literally).

This is good news… But unfortunately, the cost still can’t compete with those cheaper brands.

Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy and Chocolate Slimming Mud Therapy
from Blue Water Day Spa

Another launch I attended with Marc last month was Blue Water Day Spa‘s product launching of their new services (Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy and Chocolate Slimming Mud Therapy), as well as their new celebrity endosers: Piolo Pascual and Marian Rivera. Their endorser used to be Tony Gonzaga (I think… I’m not too sure though), so maybe her contract expired or something. Anyway, I think getting Piolo and Marian is quite a strategy—they got two celebrities from the rival TV giants. Heck of a media mileage, ABS-CBN and GMA7 crew were all over the two (Ferdz could have had more time with Marian alone if they weren’t hehe).

I actually liked the food they served better than the ones at the Dell launch (hehe)… Kudos to Francis Simsim of Blue Water Day Spa for a great event. Can’t comment much about the new products / services though… Marc and I haven’t tried them yet (though I think we might one of these days, geez, I need to relax).

SEAIR Raffle
Lucky son-of-a-gun William Gilbert Agravante won two round-trip tickets to Batanes from SEAIR. A round-trip ticket went to Dorcas Juliette Ramos for having the best comment. Lucky ducks. Watch out for more SEAIR raffles soon… Their online marketing is getting quite aggressive lately, so you might expect more people flying in the air for free soon 😀 Who knows? It might be you next!

If there’s one thing I really regret, it’s missing the Ploning premiere. They kindly gave me two tickets and a chance to meet Judy Ann Santos (fine, fine, I’m a closet Juday fan hahaha). But unfortunately, I had to spend the entire evening curled up under two thick blankets—my fever was quite high. Lesson learned: never get wet in the rain the day before an event.

It’s not just about Juday, you know (really). The first time I saw the trailer, I thought the movie would be interesting. It’s an independent film (based on the press release I got, it was Juday’s birthday gift to herself), which basically explores more creative freedom than your average commercial Filipino movie. Indie films aren’t really about making money—it’s about expression. As an artist myself, that’s something I truly appreciate.

Anybody out there saw Ploning yet? How was it? I only started feeling well again after a relapse (I probably shouldn’t have gone to the Blue Water Day Spa event and just rested, but I wasn’t about to pass up a chance to meet Piolo! Hehe). I’ve long accepted the fact that DVD is the only medium where I’ll get to watch it, and I want to be sure the movie’s worth my 800 bucks.

That’s it for now… Sorry if this entry sounded too much like an advertorial. I wanted to separate these events into different entries, but I just wasn’t feeling well. I swear I’ll have more better entries the next few days, and get this blog back on track. I’ve been neglecting it too much already.