Sometimes, when things aren’t really done yet but already nearing completion, I can’t help but give a sneak peak. Yes, I’m excited (probably a bit too excited), but you can’t blame me. For somebody living in a one-room flat, this is a great improvement.

Everything is still a bit of a mess (we’ve had desks and cabinets customized, these won’t be done until the middle of the week), but the kitchen is more or less complete. Take a look!

Although it looks like just one house on the outside, Dad had the place renovated so Marc and I will have a “mini house” within a house of our own (separate kitchen, laundry, office, living room, bedroom). Anyway, more photos coming soon! For now, you might want to check out another sneak preview… A preview of Kutitots’ upcoming new design.

I know I said it before (like, about four months ago) that I’d be launching the new design of Kutitots soon. But, as always, work kept getting in the way. Besides, I wasn’t that happy about the design I made four months ago, so I guess that’s another reason why I kept delaying its launch. But now, I’m finally nearly satisfied (not getting 100% satisfied with a design for your own blog is a common designer “illness”) so I brought it upon myself to actually begin encoding it.

Like my previous redesign, a preview means it’s nearly done. And yep, it’s nearly done 🙂 Soon. Real soon.