I am a delinquent blogger!

20 August 2008     •     4 Comments
Tech Things

Yah I know, that’s not something to be proud of. But hey, I got to accept the fact: I have been (and probably still am) a delinquent blogger.

The I-am-busy-with-work excuse is getting old, and frankly, even I’m getting tired of telling myself that very same excuse. Well, it’s true that I’m still very busy with work and the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards… But I’ll have to admit that I did have some free time to blog. Yet, it took me about 17 days to blog again.

I don’t know why, but somehow, I just didn’t feel like blogging lately. Read more

Dialogue with Senator Mar Roxas

3 August 2008     •     18 Comments
Daily Dose

Last Friday, Marc and I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Palengke himself: Senator Mar Roxas. We were joined by bloggers of different niches. We have already met his team before because of our web design business, but this was the very first time we actually sat down and talked to the senator.

Basically, the senator is launching his personal blog, where he would actually take part in some of the writing. Quite interesting, in my opinion. Politicians would usually just hire a ghost writer, but Mar Roxas opted to be transparent instead. Not only that, but he is also launching another website, Virtual Rally Fuel Price Protest. Read more

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