Share your bag story, win a Hedgren bag!

27 October 2008     •     4 Comments
Daily Dose

It’s simple. Just think of the most unique experience you ever had with your bag and send it to me by…

  1. … leaving a comment with your story on this entry
  2. … emailing me your answer through kutitots (at) gmail (dot) com or using my contact form.
  3. … creating a blog post and sending me a link or a trackback by linking to this post.

Deadline for Submission of Entries is until November 14, 2008.

The most unique bag story wins a HEDGREN BAG! 🙂
What’s a Hedgren? “A bag intended for the young female urban achiever. Hedgren bags manifests that real style never shouts.”

Winners may claim their prizes at GeiserMaclang (c/o Arbee Panga) Unit 7C, 114 Tuscan Bldg., V. A Rufino St., Legaspi Village , Makati City Tel: 812.8828/ 812.9199, 0917.605.8122.

Still not yet sure what to write? Hang on, allow me to share with you my own bag story 🙂 Read more

Blog Action Day 2008: Social justice through education

15 October 2008     •     3 Comments
Daily Dose

Not many people know this about me, but I used to be a student social worker. Back in college, I tutored kids every weekend, guided freshmen in immersion trips whenever I didn’t have a class, and facilitated reflection sessions where the students discuss their experiences with various sectors in Metro Manila experiencing social injustice. It was a very illuminating experience, but best of all, those two years of regular interaction with the underprivileged made me realize that there is still hope—poverty is something even little people like us can battle.

I am horrible with economics and numbers. I’d probably make a terrible politician. But regardless of what most people think, it’s not only those in power can make a difference helping curb poverty. Each one of us can help—even through our own little ways.

If there’s another thing my stint as a social worker has taught me: it is through education little people like us can help. Read more

Sector9 Manila Bomb

11 October 2008     •     4 Comments
Daily Dose

Just this morning, Marc and I watched the Sector9 Manila Bomb skateboard race which started from Raja Sulayman Park, Manila to Rockwell Powerplant Mall, Makati.

The event’s title, “Push! Don’t Pollute,” was an environmentalist philosophy—encouraging people to fin alternative means of transportation and to underscore the need to take better care of the planet. Aloha Boardsports organized this skateboard event.

Frankly, I’m not too hot about skateboards. I tried it once, but riding one scared me—there’s just something unsettling about steering using your feet and not your hands 😛 But as somebody who particularly enjoys cycling every morning (when it’s not raining, that is), I am quite impressed with what they’re trying to do for the environment. To be honest, it’s not often that I attend an event made with the environment in mind (except for the animal events I attended with my dog Shantee probably).

I don’t normally post videos on my blog, but this is the first time I was able to really use my new phone to take videos so I made a montage of photos and videos Marc and I took during the event. Pardon the graininess, I had to compress it 🙂

Don’t mind the cheesy effects 😛 I was also trying out Windows Movie Maker. It’s nothing like Adobe Premiere, but it’ll do for personal videos like this one.

Nokia N96: The most expensive phone I ever owned (so far)

8 October 2008     •     10 Comments
Family Stuff Tech Things

I turn 27 today. Shopping is usually an ideal gift for women my age, but not me. I don’t get into “latest” trends (which my husband, Marc, equates to “seasonal spending”) or spend much on stuff that would be useless after a few months. I’m practical that way, but like any other person I do have a spending weakness: gadgets! 😀

For my last birthday, my husband surprised me with an early birthday present, a Wacom Intuous 3. He knows how these things make me swoon and regress to childhood. This year he went a step further. Marc got me the most expensive phone I ever owned for my birthday: a brand-new Nokia N96.

I only had my eyes set on a Nokia N82, which I got to play with a bit from the demo Nokia had during the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards Night. You can just imagine how I almost peed on my pants when Marc said we should just get the N96 for me since I’ve been such a hard-working wife anyway 😀 Read more

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