Our first suburban Christmas

28 December 2008     •     4 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff

I have always been a “city girl.” Katipunan Road, to be exact. I lived along Katipunan Avenue, Blue Ridge ever since the day baby me was allowed to go home from the hospital after my mom gave birth to me. I studied at Miriam / Maryknoll College for preschool, elementary, and high school; then took up BS Communications Technology Management at the Ateneo de Manila University—schools situated along Katipunan Avenue. The schools I went to were just less than five minutes away, so I never really had the need to stay in a dormitory. Simply put, I’ve been rooted to Katipunan Avenue for as long as I could remember.

Christmas in the suburbs

It’s hard to believe that this year, we just spent Christmas in the suburbs of Antipolo. Read more

Merry Christmas!

26 December 2008     •     6 Comments
Family Stuff

Merry Christmas!

Better late than never 🙂 Hope you all have a happy Christmas!!!

My favorite travel photo

17 December 2008     •     8 Comments
Daily Dose

Racuh A Payaman, Batanes
Here’s the enlarged version.

Would you believe me if I told you that the photo you see above was taken here in the Philippines? Well, believe it. It is. And that’s one of the reasons why this photo is probably my favorite among the other shots I have ever taken during my travels. But read on, I still have more to say. Read more

Kutitots now on WordPress 2.7!!!

12 December 2008     •     1 Comment
Tech Things

Pardon the geeky raving, but I am so loving WordPress 2.7! I’ve been looking forward to this release ever since Matt unveiled it at WordCamp Philippines last September.

The User Interface (UI) of the Admin Panel is a huge improvement, and I’m able to customize the Post Editor now as I see fit. Frankly, I never liked the way the Post Editor features of the previous releases were jumbled up together. It got particularly annoying when I created custom fields and “special instructions” for my clients whenever I customized their WordPress to be able to use it as a light-weight Content Management System (CMS). The horizontal tabbed navigation was a pain in the ass as well—the UI “improvement” the previous releases supposedly aimed for didn’t really improve things, but made finding things worse when they combined stuff. The ways things were categorized into links before gave us a headache when training clients—you could easily make a mistake creating a new “Post” instead of a “Page.”

With the 2.7 release, things are organized better. And honestly, I’ve always preferred vertical navigation for apps that have a lot of links. It’ll probably take me a few days to get used to this new interface. After all, I’ve been able to adapt to the previous releases’ jumbled up UI—it’s been like a necessary evil I had to live with. But I don’t think that would be much of a problem, since the interface looks awesome anyway 🙂

Performance-wise, I haven’t really tested it much so I can’t say at the moment if there are any improvements on that aspect or not.

Well, let’s see. For now, I’ll enjoy the new UI 🙂

You can download the latest version of WordPress from the Download section of their website. Enjoy!

Have you put up Christmas decors yet?

2 December 2008     •     4 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff

I have! 🙂 With the help of my younger sister Joyce, of course. Serious bonding time between me and my sis 🙂

Ever since we moved to this new house, we had more space for decors like a 6-foot Christmas tree. The dogs no longer have the run of the house, so Marc allowed me to buy a tree that would be the centerpiece of our living room. Read more

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