Relaxation after a hard day’s work

21 April 2009     •     5 Comments
Daily Dose

I‘ve been under a lot of stress for the past few weeks. And it’s not one of those self-made stress, mind you—but genuine, work-related stress. I don’t like worrying about things I really shouldn’t worry about, but work has a way of doing that to you—especially when you’re talking about deadlines.

Unfortunately, with my kind of work, it’s really important to have a level of relaxation—else, inspiration would be a pain. My husband and I have recently been to a spa village in Tagaytay (just last Sunday, to be more precise). I can honestly say that the relaxation and pampering did wonders for me—less stress, more work. Ideally, it would be best to take a break at least once a month, but driving all the way to Tagaytay from Antipolo on a regular basis is insane—not to mention an unnecessary waste of gasoline.

Blue Water Day Spa in Capitol Hills, Quezon City

Good thing I recently found out about a new branch of Blue Water Day Spa opening in Capitol Hills, Quezon City. Read more

The perfect crime

19 April 2009     •     3 Comments
Daily Dose

Is there such thing?

I’m a sucker for crime and detective shows. I enjoy all three CSI TV series: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: New York and CSI: Miami. Heck, I even like watching Numbers even if I totally loath solving math problems. There’s just something “satisfying” about watching shows where detectives almost always solve the crime.

This made me wonder. Does it happen when somebody not only gets away with murder, but no one is actually aware it even happened? Is there such a thing as a perfect crime? Read more

The Resurrection of a Blog

12 April 2009     •     7 Comments
Daily Dose

It’s funny, there are times that even though I have free time in my hands, I still don’t blog. Work keeps me busy—there are times when I don’t even have enough time to cook for my husband—but there are also instances when I’m able to take a walk with my dog or sprawl on bed watching TV. I don’t know, maybe I just don’t feel like blogging at times. And honestly, I frequently get this feeling that I have to exercise caution on the things I write about here in Kutitots, my very own journal.

Sunrise Sunset

You see, I have quite a number of responsibilities that hinder me from simply putting down my thoughts. And I’m not talking about time being my enemy, nor am I talking about stress. There are just some certain things in what I do (both my business and volunteer work) that I require me to practice restraint in blogging. Read more

Eventlog: Mall wi-fi, flip-flops, food, and sports fashion

11 April 2009     •     1 Comment
Daily Dose

Every now and then, an invitation to a blogger event would catch my fancy. I don’t usually attend those that I don’t really find interesting, as going there would just be a waste of my time and gasoline. Ever since we transferred here at the outskirts of Antipolo, I’ve been attending events less and less. Not surprising, really. After all, just about anything or anyone can have a blogger event these days.

Below are four events I’ve attended the past few months. Don’t worry, this post isn’t an advertorial. I can honestly say that these products (or food) are things that I will actually use—or in the case of the food, eat—regardless of an event. I’ll compile all four in this one post; I know it can get pretty annoying reading blogs that talk nothing but events regardless of their blog’s niche. Read more

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