An Adidas project, Wanted: Old Shoes

15 May 2009     •     9 Comments
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Nope, this isn’t a sponsored post, not a blogger event, nor a freebie-induced blog endorsement. It’s just a project I support, and something you guys might find useful as well.

Ever since my husband and I started to work out regularly, we also bought a few new gym wear. Nike and Adidas are our favorite brands. We both prefer Nike for our shoes, however, and Adidas for the clothes. The designs of Nike shoes have always stood out for me, until Adidas recently released this cool new pair of women’s running shoes.

Adidas's Wanted: Old Shoes

The price tag for this baby is Php3,900++. Almost Php4,000. But I only got mine for Php2,900++. That’s Php1,000 off the regular price, just for donating an old pair of usable rubber shoes. Read more

Living healthy and working out

14 May 2009     •     7 Comments
Daily Dose

For the past two weeks, Marc and I have been frequenting the Marikina Sports Center for regular work-out. He runs at the oval while waiting for me complete my boxing session. I can think of many different reasons why I decided to start working out, but none really stood out except for the fact that I just wanted to.

Marc brought me to the Marikina Sports Center two weeks ago so we’d be able to try the place out, but going there brought back so much memories—I used to run for the track team in elementary and tournaments were usually held at the very same place, and my Dad took me there frequently for practice runs as well—that I couldn’t help but take a step back and look at how I’ve let myself get so unhealthy. 50-meter runs used to be a piece of cake, but that night I couldn’t even get past half that without getting so tired and be at the brink of an asthma attack.

When my asthma first resurfaced last November, I wasn’t bothered much—considering that I spent a few hours at a nearby hospital’s emergency room with an oxygen tube shoved up my nostrils. I accepted the fact that I might have to be on maintenance medicine for the rest of my life, thinking that the doctor’s suggestion of work out as a way to eventually get well was just too much work. Read more

Oh hello, Boris! How are you?

1 May 2009     •     Comments Off on Oh hello, Boris! How are you?
Daily Dose

Boracay 2008

Hello Boris!

How are you? I’m very fine, thanks for asking.

Guess what? I haven’t forgotten 🙂

Till we meet again!

Bibliography: Boris the Pig. Juned Sonido. Baratillo.Net. March 24, 2009.

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