IMG_3198, originally uploaded by kutitots.

Pardon the awful formatting, I’m blogging through Flickr. My dad have just turned off our circuit breaker, I’m just using PLDT WeRoam on my netbook. It’s very slow, especially at this awful weather, but it’s allowing me to connect and upload some photos at least.

I don’t normally blog immediately about calamities like this, but this flood is the worst I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. I’ve lived along Katipunan Avenue in Blue Ridge since the day I was born, so I never really experienced flooding (Blue Ridge is pretty high up, it’s on top of a hill). First time ever for my family — flood reached inside our home.

You can see more photos I took on my Flickr Photostream. Watermarks are pretty crudely done, sorry for that. It’s not easy to work with diminishing power on a small netbook. I’ll probably edit this post and fix the formatting when everything settles.

Stay safe guys!