Really, I’m not the type of person you’d call “vain.” I don’t wear the latest fashions (frankly, I don’t even have an idea what they are). I usually choose clothes for comfort and practicality. But if you do catch me wearing a girly blouse or dress, you can expect I bought it for its design or print pattern. I don’t wear make-up — I’m allergic, and I don’t want to trouble myself looking for cosmetics that won’t make my eyes tear up or my lips bloat like fish lips. Yes, I’m still a woman, in case you’re wondering. 😛

If there’s one thing I am quite vain about, it’s how I smell whenever I go out. Emphasis on “go out.” 😀

I usually don’t wear cologne whenever I run, the mixture of sweat and heady scent of cologne just don’t sit well with me. Same with staying at home. Deodorant and baby powder usually do the trick. Besides, I can always take a shower whenever I wanted — or when my husband begins to complain about me starting to smell 😛 But going out, that’s a different story.

I have a variety of colognes and body sprays that litter our toiletries shelf. The scent I wear usually reflects my mood or activity for that day. I’m partial to fruity, chocolate, candy, and subtle floral fragrances. Too strong, it’ll make me dizzy and very uncomfortable. I guess that’s why it’s no surprise I preferred Benetton Giallo over the other perfume for women from United Colors of Benetton Colori 2010.

Described as sparkling, vibrant and radiant, Benetton Giallo had this fresh, fruity smell I like. A bit flowery, subtle enough to wear all day without making me dizzy. The dry-down has a hint of musky vanilla, but still very feminine. I tried it on when my husband and I went out on our weekly date — I think he liked it… A lot 😀

Benetton Giallo is actually just one of the four new fragrances that United Colors of Benetton recently unveiled. Two for women, two for men. Each came with corresponding colors translated to scent. Benetton Rosso, red. Sexy, lively, and warm. Benetton Giallo, yellow. Sparkling, vibrant, and radiant. Benetton Verde, green. Energetic, natural, and strong. Benetton Blu, blue. Fresh, airy, and infinite. A 100ml bottle sells for Php1,350 at Beauty by SM in SM Department stores.

I just love the yellow one 😀 Which one is your scent?