That’s what my husband usually hears from me as soon as we get into the car. He’d usually roll his eyes at me, but knew better than to argue. I’m a really, really insufferable nag when it comes to car safety. The car seat belt is my best friend. But then again, it would be yours too had it once saved you from going through the wind shield.

Wearing seat belts didn’t used to be an implemented law here, if you guys can recall. I remember parts of my childhood when cars didn’t come outfitted with the compulsory seat belt. It was actually a “special feature” that had additional cost. Some time later (I can’t remember if it was during my elementary or high school years), the government started having this campaign on using seat belts because of the rise in vehicular accidents.

I had to admit I was one of those who grudgingly followed that law. And if I could get away with it, I wouldn’t have fastened my seat belt. After being so used to sitting without one, the seat belt felt so constricting. I couldn’t move around as I used to. My dad, being the safety freak he is, gave me long, boring sermons on road safety just to get me wear one. I didn’t like spending the trip going to school listening to my dad’s monologue, so I just obliged. But that changed… Obviously 😛 Read more