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29 October 2010     •     1 Comment
Daily Dose Tech Things

For the past month, client projects and training for my first marathon have been keeping me busy. These have been preoccupying me so much that I can’t help but use one as analogy for the other 😛

So what’s “cross-training?” Wikipedia defines it as:

Cross-training (also known as conditioning) refers to training in different ways to improve overall performance. It takes advantage of the particular effectiveness of each training method, while at the same time attempting to neglect the shortcomings of that method by combining it with other methods that address its weaknesses.

According to coaches assisting me as part of the marathon program I’m in… Whenever you run, you basically exercise a specific muscle group. To avoid injury, burnout, and train strategically, it’s recommended to give that muscle group time to rest. But instead of lying around doing nothing, it’s best to exercise muscle groups that aren’t used in running. Like rowing perhaps. Or swimming, for those who can (definitely not me, I can’t swim :P).

So what does this have to do with my job? Read more

Another year, another me

8 October 2010     •     1 Comment
Daily Dose

I turn 29 today, leaving me with one more year to enjoy my “twenteen” years. It’s not so bad, really. I’m actually glad I survived long enough to see my 29th birthday. I’m not sick or anything, but my family and I have been through so much already that I can’t help but believe that every day I’m alive is a blessing — life is something to enjoy and be grateful for. I’m not exactly psyched about seeing a gray hair or two more often than I had in my early twenties, but I haven’t reached the point of needing to dye my hair totally black (except maybe to cover up hair highlights when I had my passport renewed)… not yet anyway 😛

Being so near my 30th year, I cannot help but think back to things I’ve done, and haven’t. When I was younger, my mom said I was a little girl with big dreams. I can’t remember exactly when I made it (probably sometime during my emo-teenage years, but I had this short mental list of “10 things to do before I turn 30.” With only a year left, it’s quite interesting to see if I’ve somehow managed to do some of those things in my list. Read more

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