Help CDO and Iligan recover: Donate now!

20 December 2011     •     Comments Off on Help CDO and Iligan recover: Donate now!
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It’s really sad this had to happen just before Christmas. While we all ready ourselves for a festive Noche Buena, our brothers and sisters in Cagayan De Oro and Iligan are left homeless and some are even missing. A lot of families are torn apart. Some are lucky to be rescued, but others have already been lost to sea.

My family had been affected by 2009’s wrathful typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana). We lost a lot of treasured belongings. Our bungalow was a wreck. Worst of all, we lost a lot of canine friends who passed on one by one from drinking flood water. But we’re still very lucky. We survived, and we eventually recovered.

They say Sendong is worse than Ondoy — the death toll just keep on rising. For someone who still freaks out at the sight of rising flood water, I can say without bias that what happened to my family is not even the tip of the iceberg for those who lost their families and homes to Sendong.

Let’s help the survivors of CDO and Iligan recover. Details here.

For Metro Manila residents, you can send donations through LBC Foundation. That’s what we’re doing.

Help CDO/Iligan

See? Even my dog Shantee is helping pack stuff for the survivors 🙂

An Adidas project, Wanted: Old Shoes

15 May 2009     •     9 Comments
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Nope, this isn’t a sponsored post, not a blogger event, nor a freebie-induced blog endorsement. It’s just a project I support, and something you guys might find useful as well.

Ever since my husband and I started to work out regularly, we also bought a few new gym wear. Nike and Adidas are our favorite brands. We both prefer Nike for our shoes, however, and Adidas for the clothes. The designs of Nike shoes have always stood out for me, until Adidas recently released this cool new pair of women’s running shoes.

Adidas's Wanted: Old Shoes

The price tag for this baby is Php3,900++. Almost Php4,000. But I only got mine for Php2,900++. That’s Php1,000 off the regular price, just for donating an old pair of usable rubber shoes. Read more

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