Blast from the past: Voltron Force

19 August 2011     •     2 Comments
Daily Dose

Work had been so draining lately… It seems like I can’t even find the time to even think of anything not work-related. So while waiting for a client to send me feedback on a project we’re working on, I’m going to spend these precious break hours to write about something totally un-work-related: Lion Voltron! 🙂

I’ve always been a Voltron fan girl. I used to spend afternoons glued to the television hoping for the Voltron Lion Force to air (I hated the Vehicle Voltron, it had too many crew members and the storyline didn’t appeal much to little kid me), while my yaya made use of these moments to breath and relax after a whole day of chasing me around. It was a show I really, really looked forward to — it was such a favorite that I remember putting on the manipulative kiddie charms on my Dad just so he’d buy me my own copy of the show’s video tape.

You can just imagine my elation when I found out that NickToons will be doing a reboot of the show. I’ve been following the plot summaries on the Voltron forums and watching episode teasers in YouTube for weeks now… And so far, I’ve been liking the new series. I’m not that crazy about Voltron to try and reconfigure my iMac so I’d be able to watch it on the Nicktoons website. After all, I did wait for a new Voltron for more than 20 years… I think I can handle waiting for it to come out on DVD 🙂 Read more

Pinoy Big Brother

2 December 2005     •     8 Comments
Daily Dose

I honestly never have liked this show. I just can’t stand sitting infront of the tv and watch this bunch of people doing regular, every day things. I really don’t understand what’s causing all this craze.

My family (my dad, my mom, my sister and even our help, Marlyn) watch this show every single day. They really wait for it to come on. And when it does, I silently retreat back to my digital hidey-hole. Sometimes I just hang out with them infront of the tv, but I’ll be drawing something or reading Harry Potter. Is there something wrong with me that I seemed to be so immune to this craze?

Or maybe I’m just the type of person who likes minding her own business while letting others mind their own. Or maybe I just don’t like spying on people. (’m sorry to say this to avid Pinoy Big Brother fans, but technically, that’s spying). I don’t know, another thing could be is that I strongly believe in respecting one’s privacy. It’s true that these people submitted themselves to this “no privacy” policy in that house, but hey, that doesn’t mean I should exploit it. I don’t know about some people, but it really just feels weird spying on these people’s lives.

Are we (as in, Filipinos), just natural voyeurs at heart? It’s weird, REALLY weird. And man, don’t you think it’s a little sick in some ways? I mean, you can actually see the term “voyeurs” in pornography sites (you know, those popup thingies that you get when you click on some sites? Those annoying spyware things?). Well, that’s just my opinion at least. No offense to those who love the show, I just don’t see the point of spying on other people’s lives.

If you disagree with me, I’d really like to know why—I’ve been trying to make sense of this ever since it started.

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