My Christmas wish list

23 December 2010     •     4 Comments
Family Stuff

Because I am a thoughtful wife, sister, and daughter… I saved my husband, little sis and my parents the hassle of thinking of what to give me for Christmas 😀 I posted this list on our home office whiteboard a few days ago so they’ll have a “reference” 😛

Dad rolled his eyes when he first saw it, but he and the family still headed over the grocery to buy some off my wish list 😀 The gifts I want are quite practical, stuff that I can use for the kitchen or to aid me in my marathon training. But if somebody thought an iPad is the best present to give me… How can I refuse? 😀

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

Happy New Year!!!

1 January 2009     •     5 Comments
Family Stuff

Happy 2009!!!

We just want to greet you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Our first suburban Christmas

28 December 2008     •     4 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff

I have always been a “city girl.” Katipunan Road, to be exact. I lived along Katipunan Avenue, Blue Ridge ever since the day baby me was allowed to go home from the hospital after my mom gave birth to me. I studied at Miriam / Maryknoll College for preschool, elementary, and high school; then took up BS Communications Technology Management at the Ateneo de Manila University—schools situated along Katipunan Avenue. The schools I went to were just less than five minutes away, so I never really had the need to stay in a dormitory. Simply put, I’ve been rooted to Katipunan Avenue for as long as I could remember.

Christmas in the suburbs

It’s hard to believe that this year, we just spent Christmas in the suburbs of Antipolo. Read more

Merry Christmas!

26 December 2008     •     6 Comments
Family Stuff

Merry Christmas!

Better late than never 🙂 Hope you all have a happy Christmas!!!

Have you put up Christmas decors yet?

2 December 2008     •     4 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff

I have! 🙂 With the help of my younger sister Joyce, of course. Serious bonding time between me and my sis 🙂

Ever since we moved to this new house, we had more space for decors like a 6-foot Christmas tree. The dogs no longer have the run of the house, so Marc allowed me to buy a tree that would be the centerpiece of our living room. Read more

My New Year’s resolutions “anti-list”

1 January 2008     •     5 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff

New Year fountain fireworksIt seems everywhere I blog-hop I find everyone’s New Year’s resolutions (I’m actually just enjoying the last few hours of my freedom from work, which I shall return enslavement to after my holiday break). Another new year, another “chance” of a new life. New goals, new aspirations, new targets. But have you really stopped and wondered why these resolutions are made every new year and not just on some ordinary day? What’s so special about the New Year anyway? The “7” from “2007” just turned 8.

Yeah, I know I’m being cynical. But hey, it’s a thought. Say one of your resolutions is to quit smoking. Ok… Now, tell me. Why wait for the New Year when you can do that the very next day? Or the very hour? Or the very moment you said you will quit smoking? Do your lungs need to withstand “just a few more days” so you can “officially” start quitting on New Year? I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that a “resolution” like this is more of a bargain than an actual promise. Read more

Merry Christmas!!!

25 December 2007     •     3 Comments
Family Stuff

Here’s a little something for you all this Christmas…

Kutitots Christmas card

Merry Christmas, everyone! Go easy on the grease and the booze! 😀

Yet another sad Christmas

21 December 2007     •     4 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff

It’s four days before Christmas and I still haven’t done my Christmas shopping. I know it’s going to be quite hellish battling it out with other last-minute Christmas shoppers, but I honestly still don’t feel the holiday spirit. I am busy with work—and I want to be busy with work. Marc has already informed our clients that our web team would be taking a Christmas break starting this Saturday, so I’m “milking” this busy-ness as much as I can.

Why? Well, for one, work distracts me.

I think this is what Noemi calls “holiday blues.” But no, I’m not depressed. I still function like I used to, I’m just favoring quieter moments as opposed to loud parties. I know this sounds crazy, but I miss my dog Sheero so much—Christmas just isn’t the same without her 🙁 Read more

Birthday gifts for a birthday boy

13 December 2007     •     8 Comments
Family Stuff

Marc’s Crumpler bagMy husband, Marc, just turned 27 today. As usual, he didn’t let (and didn’t like) people to know. He just went on a day trip for a client meeting with a friend, who had absolutely no idea that he’d be sharing his car with a birthday boy. I really don’t know how he managed to keep that to himself (I always made sure my closest friends remembered my birthday! Hehe). And to think he had kept on reminding me of his upcoming birthday for two months.

Marc had managed to weedle out two “advanced birthday gifts” from me: letting him buy a Nikon D40x and a ludicrously expensive Crumpler camera-laptop bag. It’s a good thing we already have Paypal here in the Philippines—I was able to get my blog earnings way earlier than cashing in checks, so I didn’t feel too bad about spending that much for a ludicrously expensive bag. I’m going to keep on repeating it’s ludicrously expensive because I really think it’s ludicrously expensive. Read more

Finally, I have my very own Christmas tree!

3 December 2007     •     6 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff

Yep, you read it right: I now have my very own Christmas tree! Wanna see?

Gail’s Christmas Tree

My tree was actually one of the first photos taken by the snazzy new Nikon D40x Marc and I bought as an early Christmas gift to ourselves. But of course, my dad’s the one who took the photo—Marc and I are still newbies when it comes to photography.

You’re probably wondering why I’m such a big fuss over this tree. Well, let’s just say it has something to do with ownership, and the fact that I’ve always wanted to put up a Christmas tree. Read more

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