Whew. I finally got to blog. I haven’t been totally out of commission though… I’m still giving Plurk its much-needed attention 😀

For the past two months, Marc and I had been eating nothing but meat. I think the only vegetable part of our daily consumption were tomatoes. Sometimes we have lettuce, pechay, kang-kong, corn and string beans, but not on a regular basis. The experiments I did in the kitchen were mostly of beef or pork—rarely of fish.

Last week I was already getting fed up with eating meat… Somehow, I feel “unhealthier” than I used to. Receiving emails about animal slaughter and abuse (I’m subscribed to Philippine Animal Welfare Society’s mailing list) doesn’t help either—they made me more inclined not to want to eat meat. I don’t think I can go fully vegetarian, but I can cut off meat completely. Question is… Can my husband? Read more