I just spent Earth Hour all alone — in the dark. My parents and my sister left to join the Earth Hour celebrations at SM Mall of Asia, while my husband spent the time playing volleyball with the Mizuno Volleyball Club. So it was just me and the dogs here at home. Alone. In the dark 😛

But it wasn’t so bad. Really.

It honestly feels good being able to contribute in saving energy resources — even if it was just for an hour. I guess I stretched the statement a bit and turned off more than just the lights — I unplugged even the electric fans and computer equipment. I’m home all alone, so no one complained. I’m all sweaty with a brand-new bruise on my knee (I didn’t see the chair blocking my way to the front yard), but I feel great being able to take part in the Earth Hour cause.

Maybe it made a difference, maybe it didn’t. Maybe we’d still run out of resources no matter how much we try to save. Maybe I’m just too optimistic. But hey, nothing’s wrong with hoping. And yes, some effort is better than none at all.