Ask anybody who’s known me for more than a year, and he/she will tell you one thing: I am so not a make-up person. Seeing me all made up is a once in a blue moon occurrence. If you got a pic of me in make-up, keep it — it’s so rare it could be a collector’s item. Hehe. But I’m still a girl. And I do get vain every once in a while 😀

Mind you, it’s not because I’m just a slob. I dress like one sometimes, but I do fix up when I feel like it. I don’t like putting on make-up for one simple reason: it makes me highly uncomfortable. You see, my skin is a bit sensitive. I get allergies when I put on commercial make-up — puffy eyes and swollen cheeks aren’t really very fashionable. I need to use organic ones (which are pricier) if I really needed to fix up. Good thing my lips aren’t that sensitive, I can have the semblance of a non-slob even if I’m not perfectly made up.

I rarely attend events these days due to my busy work schedule, but I think you’d now understand why I made sure I attended the small blogger get-together to introduce LipIce and its product lines. They gave us samples of all their variants to try: Fruity, Sheer Color, Color Lipbalm, and Color Gloss Fruity, as well as that for men (Men’s Cool Aqua) and lip therapy (Mentholatum). I felt like I was in lip balm heaven! 😀 Read more