WordCamp presentation

22 September 2009     •     4 Comments
Tech Things

As promised, here’s my presentation in PDF format for your reference! I also gave a copy to the WordCamp PH crew, so they’ll be have the file ready for download from their site soon too 🙂 This is the first time I’ve used scribd.com for document sharing, so bear with me — I don’t know how to make the file downloadable yet 😀

Anyway, here’s the presentation in PDF. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the “magical” effects I used during the actual presentation but the info you’ll need are all there 🙂

WP magic with Custom Fields & Conditional Tags

I was at WordCamp Philippines 2008!

8 September 2008     •     31 Comments
Tech Things

I‘m still finishing up my Davao visit post (lots of pictures!), so for now let’s talk WordCamp Philippines! 🙂 But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take photos at the event 🙁 I dunno, I guess I was just lazy, knowing full well that Melo will be taking lots of photos anyway 😀 I do have three photos in my camera though, pics of me with Mr. WordPress!

I wasn’t able to attend the breakaway sessions in the morning as well 🙁 I was just too sleepy (I wasn’t able to sleep at all the night before due to some pending work needed to be done), and conked out for a few minutes in the volunteers’ lounge instead 😛 My husband Marc had rest, so he just attended the sessions for both of us (he’ll just teach me the new things he learned). Next WordCamp, I swear I will get some sleep before the event! (Aileen and I were witnesses when Matt made Blogie promise WordCamp Philippines 2009! LOL). Read more

I’m going to WordCamp Philippines!

22 July 2008     •     1 Comment
Tech Things

Finally, we have a WordCamp here.

I’m actually very excited to go to WordCamp Philippines 2008 for a number of reasons. One, because I love WordPress, I’m such a nerd, and I would feel incredibly unfulfilled if I don’t go. Two, our web design business is expanding and we’re in the look-out for budding CSS encoders and PHP programmers. And three, because I’m a fan-girl of Matt Mullenweg and would love to get his autograph and have my picture taken with him!

If reason number three isn’t good enough a reason, I don’t know what is 😀 Read more

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