I’m going straight to hell. I’m such a bad influence (BI) to my hon! Hehehehe. Can’t tell you what though… D Hmm… I think I’m going to confession one of these days. Haven’t done that in such a long time. There might be hope of salvation for me. D

The emnity between Marc and Choknat is getting worse. I don’t think they’ll EVER make up. I told Marc to quit frightening Choknat (he seems to enjoy seeing the poor dog pee in fright, and he pees on MY LAP sometimes because Marc was scaring him). They’ll have to get over this “conflict” soon, you know, ‘coz I’ll definitely be taking my three little fluffy dogs with me when Marc and I get married. Marc and Choknat will have to make up, they’ll be living under the same roof. D

Sheero’s really sweet whenever the temperature’s really cold. She loves to snuggle next to me. I don’t mind that (I actually like it really), but what I don’t enjoy is having her sit on MY FACE. Sheero has made me her “property” already. I can’t even touch my mom’s Patatats without her snarling and pulling on my shorts or slippers. Damn dog.

I think something is wrong with Harry. He’s almost a year old now, and he still acts like a pup. The usual explanation for puppies chewing things is because it helps with their growing teeth. Harry’s teeth have all grown, and yet he still like chewing things like a puppy. Might be a psychological problem, or maybe he’s just a big baby. That might be true, you know. I tried to take Harry out for a walk (Sheero loves walks), and he whined and cried as soon as we were out of the house. Dad was laughing when he saw Harry crying while we were outside and called him “BABY DAMULAG”. D oh well. I have weird dogs.

Sorry I haven’t had the time to take out the Christmas decor on my site yet. I’ve been quite busy with work, AS USUAL. I promised myself I’ll take them out when Dad takes down the Christmas decor of our home. Since he already took them out, I should be doing that soon too… I just need to finish some projects here. I’ll update the site too, promise. )