Sheero and I are in so much pain right now. First me… I think my left cheek is swollen, damn busted teeth. P As usual, teeth problems! I gotta drink vitamins (and yes, cut down sweets), or all of my teeth will fall off before I even reach the age of 24 (I’m 23 now, so that’s just one year!)

Sheero is in more painful pain than I am. My only complaint is my teeth, my poor baby came off worse from a fight. Crunchie, our Labrador Retriever (now the dog I hate the most), bit her like she’s a piece of bubble gum. My baby Sheero is nursing her wounds now (damn, some are quite deep), and very much in pain. It breaks my heart seeing her like that (

Harry and Choknat are taking advantage of Sheero’s weak state right now. They’re both vying for the “top” spot on my bed: the spot beside my pillow that’s usually occupied by Sheero. I tried to get Sheero sleep on her spot even if she’s injured, but she didn’t want to. She’s depressed and she just wants to be left alone (

I’m taking Harry tomorrow when Marc and I go jogging at the Marikina Riverbanks. I can’t take Sheero (she’s wounded), and I can’t take Choknat (Marc and Choknat are mortal enemies), so I’m stuck with Harry. I’m kinda worried, honestly. Harry’s afraid of going outside the house. He’ll probably cry like a baby while we’re jogging )

Boring stuff, I know. But I’ve been kinda busy. Sorry I haven’t been answering those who have emailed me. I will, you know, once I get these out of the way. )