If you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan, you know what that means… Book 6 of Harry Potter is finally out! I can’t believe that I actually waited 2 years for that. Well, obviously, this series is my absolute favorite.

Marc bought me the Half-Blood Prince book as a gift. I woke him up at 530am on July 16 and we were there at National Bookstore by 7am… The bookstore people are really anticipating avid Potter fans like me to turn up really early for it. They even moved their usual store opening to 7am just to accomodate those looking forward to the book. This really is one of those books that require special “attention.” Geez… When Marc and I were at McDonald’s, a woman who seems to be in her forties just asked me out of the blue where I got my copy. A STRANGER just asked me where I got it (I actually reserved it at National since last March 7 hehehe). Well, that’s Harry Potter for you!

I must say… I was quite surprise with the latest installment. It’s definitely not the usual… and it’s a shame that Hermione ended up with Ron, Harry would have been a better man for her. Not that I don’t like Ginny, but her character just happened to come out of nowhere… It wasn’t build up like Hermione. Hell, Marc the non-Potter reader actually wanted her to get together with Harry. So does my sister, who doesn’t really like reading much. Well, the romantic stories in the book weren’t the ones that really surprised me… I wasn’t even surprised at the newly killed character (it’s about time, for crying out loud. It’s so typical in these stories.). What really surprised me is the overall way the book was written.

One thing: this book isn’t exactly the type of book parents should read their kids as bed time stories. It’s darker, and has issues that a more mature audience would appreciate. Well, lucky for me, I’m an adult already so what the heck. Poor kids though. Harry’s growing up.

I haven’t really updated you guys on my dogs lately… Well, nothing much happened, aside from the love-and-hate relationship Marc and Choknat now share. They would have truces at times, then get really pissed at each other after a few hours of peace. Oh, well. At least it’s an improvement from the total hate-hate relationship they had before. This is a huge step forward )

Sheero might be pregnant… But Patatats definitely is. Harry was the father… The freak! Patatats is his sister P

By the way, version 6 is almost done. Stay tuned! )