My new Smurf companions

2 September 2011     •     Comments Off on My new Smurf companions
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I didn’t have a totally “tomboy” childhood. I loved Voltron, but I liked cute cartoons too. The Smurfs is one of them.

It was quite lame watching The Smurfs for a Friday night date with my husband — far from romantic — but hey, it’s not often those little blue creatures get to be on a live action flick. Besides, it just goes to show how much my husband loves me — he endured an hour and a half of cuteness! 😀

Aside from our yaya who reveled in those quiet moments I’m glued to the TV, my sister also spent a lot of time watching cartoons with me as soon as she was old enough to. The Smurfs was one of our favorites cartoons.

I learned about the Smurf toys being included in McDonald’s Happy Meal from my sister. I made it a point to collect every one of them, with the main obstacle being: I rarely eat fast food nowadays. I haven’t had a burger in almost a year, and the most I’ve bought from McDonald’s are chicken nuggets and fries. But my family likes fast food. And that made collecting all eight toys possible.

The toys are now displayed beside my work computer. They’re quite a relief to see whenever the going gets tough at work (so cute!). But best of all, they’re a welcoming reminder of how my family — my husband, mom, dad, and sister — all made an effort to get Happy Meals instead of their usual orders for the past few weeks just to let me have my Smurfs. 🙂

The magic of JK Rowling: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

22 July 2007     •     8 Comments
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Ok, fine, I’m total geek. I’ve just finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in one sitting. But, if you’ve known me long enough, you’d know it was normal for me to do that. I was lucky that my parents decided that I took up speed reading classes back in grade school, and that my semi-obsession over the books kept me from putting the book down (yeah, not even to take a bath haha).

To be honest, I wasn’t as excited about the last book as I was when the Half-Blood Prince came out last year. Well, I was able to sleep soundly for one, unlike last year—I couldn’t sleep a wink the entire night before the release. I guess I thought I didn’t have much to look forward to when JK Rowling made Dumbledore snuff it—he had always been my favorite. So instead of keeping vigil, I slept and woke my husband up “early” (early, as in, one in the afternoon) to claim the reserved book.

The book was worth every penny, and one year of waiting and wondering if Snape really was an asswipe who finished off my favorite character.

** If you haven’t read the book, but planning to read it or haven’t finished it yet, I highly recommend you don’t continue reading this post until you do. Sorry, but there could be spoilers! 😀 Read more

Harry Potter and the Deathly Teeh-tooh: Book 7?!

9 March 2007     •     21 Comments
Daily Dose

Haha. Just kidding. Of course not.

We’re already starting to go through entries (about half a thousand of them) for the past few days for judging. And since the Personal Category is the most saturated, that’s where I started. So before giving Abe and Jayvee copies of the master list for checking, I just had to warn them: expect to see a lot of Harry Potter’s behind.

People seemed to be more interested posting photos of Daniel Radcliff (the actor who plays Harry Potter) on their blogs naked than talking about Book 7 (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, yeah that’s where I got my nasty post title).

Harry and his horse

I’ve been seeing this photo all over blogs (but the photo above I got from Mugglenet), although there’s another one that’s a tad bit more… revealing—too revealing for me to post in this GP-PG blog. Harry Potter showing his back and shaking a naked behind. Yeah. He was naked, as in, stark naked. Read more

Can you cross the Bridge to Terabithia?

5 March 2007     •     4 Comments
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Lame title, I know. But makes sense.

Since I couldn’t join Abe and the others for a weekend on the beach (I had the makings of a bad cold the night before, and I just can’t get sick with all the work I needed to do), Marc and I saw the Bridge to Terabithia last Saturday with my sister and his sister. We actually thought it would be some kind of a Narnia-turned-Lord-of-the-Rings kind of movie, but no. It was just a story about two kids with overactive imaginations.

These kids created a magical world of their own, where they also named themselves the king and the queen. But to go there, they must “cross the bridge” by swinging over a creek and make their minds “go wide open.” It’s a pretty sad story, but for some reason, their overactive imagination reminded me of my own.

I can’t say that they reminded me of me when I was a kid. Because as much as I don’t want to admit it—I still do let my imagination run wild. Besides, if I don’t, I probably won’t be writing entries on this blog, nor would I be earning from web/blog design.

So, back to my question. What I meant by “crossing” is being able to go into that “magical” world where anything is possible—the world of creative imagination. Read more

Lady in the water; Wedding update!

28 July 2006     •     6 Comments
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It would done more good if she had just stayed in the water.

Yeah. I didn’t like it. The story is a bit lame, and I might even be doing you a favor by spoiling it. This movie seems like an outpost of M.Night Shyamalan’s ego. I mean hello. The story is about a sea nymph “awakening” the creative drive of a writer who was destined to change the world with his book. Guess who was playing the writer? You got that right: Shyamalan. Of all the roles he could have played in the movie… Ah well. How vain is that!

I don’t really see the point of the movie. It’s basically just this group of people in an apartment complex helping the nymph get back to her world. That’s it. Nothing more.

What a waste. The only nice thing I could probably say about that movie is that Bryce Dallas Howard has nice nose (if I had money, I’d get Toronto rhinoplasty so I can have a nose like her! hehe). Yeah, the movie was that bad. Marc and I might have done better if we just saw “Sukob,” at least that one would have been a laugh. Yeah I know it’s supposed to be horror flick, but Kris Aquino’s there and I think she’s irritatingly funny (she makes horror funny). Besides, it’s a wedding-related flick. It might even teach me and Marc a thing or two (yeah, RIGHT. Hehehe).

And speaking of weddings…

Marc and I have completed HALF of Church Requirements step 1. We’ve acquired our baptismal certificates already, and will just need to get the confirmation certificates. I know, I know, we’re still a long way to go. But hey, at least there’s SOMETHING. Anyway, if we haven’t seen this on my email, we’re probably still slacking off:

Oh my. Still a lot to do!!!

I know this site meant no harm, and was probably intended from brides and grooms excited about their weddings… But man, seeing this freaked me out! Just goes to show how many stuff we still need to do. Getting married sure is a LOT of work 😛

So by now I should be personalizing my wedding details. Personalizing? It’s not even complete yet. Damn! My wedding gown is still non-existent (heck, even the attire for my entourage doesn’t exist yet), and our wedding rings are still fragments of our imagination. Ah well 😛 I guess Marc and I will always be buzzer-beaters hehehe.

BUZZ! :)

19 June 2006     •     8 Comments
Daily Dose

Marc does that often to me during the rare moments I’m online in Yahoo Messenger. It’s pretty annoying, really, but he’s my fiance—he’s excused 😀 There are some people who just can’t take a hint, and would keep on bugging me even if my status is already outright RUDE: “WORKING. Don’t bother me.”

Marc did that once just to annoy me when I was working on something that required concentration (probably CSS wehehehe), and of course, I gave him a taste of his own medicine (nyahahaha!). I buzzed him every two minutes when I knew he was in the middle of writing this extremely long email (It really was LONG, he had my email address copyfurnished) to an extremely difficult client (whom I am so glad to finally be free of). Wehehe Marc kept forgetting what he was supposed to type.

See? It really IS annoying. So annoying that you’d all just want to hire Brian George Lindemann, and sue this person into oblivion. Yeah, it can really be that irritating. Imagine being in the middle of an important something, then somebody kept buzzing you “just because.”

Ah well. Best solution?

I don’t go online in YM unless for a meeting, or a pre-planned chat with family, close friends, and Marc. Being in Invisible mode is friggin’ useless. Trust me.

Anyhow, I haven’t disappeared from the face of the planet… Or at least, the Internet. YET. I’m still alive, I’m just way too lazy to blog.

Oh, Marc and I saw The Omen last week. What a waste. There are some surprising scenes, but overall… It’s not scary. Well, I didn’t get scared. All through out the movie I just thought that the kid anti-Christ seriously needed a good night’s sleep to get rid of those eyebags and irritating scowl. Garfield 2 was much better… At least he’s a laugh.

Remembering the “old days”

8 June 2006     •     Comments Off on Remembering the “old days”
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Ok, so maybe I’m still a bit young to actually say something like that. But my wedding is only a few days away, and that clearly shows that I am getting older whether I like it or not. Besides, there were quite a lot of things in the early ’90s and late ’80s that I miss. To be more specific, I was quite fond of the movies released back then.

I don’t know… Is it because Hollywood is running out of ideas? Well, in my opinion, the movies back then were much better than most movies now. Here are some of my favorites:

Death Becomes Her
This was FUNNY. I loved Goldie Hawn there. I think this was filmed during the time when Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery was slowly getting popularity. The movie showed Goldie and her best friend search for the solution to never-ending youthful beauty. They then meet this lady who sold them a formula that will keep them young forever. But there’s a catch: their bodies will still degenerate. They look young, but the parts of their bodies will still get old. And for that, they needed the cosmetic surgeon guy who added more twist to the story.

Somewhere in Time
I’m not sure what year this came out (I was probably still a baby when it did), but I really really love this movie. It’s so romantic without being cheesy. And an interesting insight into time travel too, I might add.

Superman I
My childhood won’t be complete without this. I’m a Superman fan, but I liked the very first one (the first one Christopher Reeves starred in) more than any of the other sequels.

These are just some of the movies that I carefully preserve on DVD collection. They’re just classics for me. I can watch them over and over again without getting tired of the story. Well, these DVDs will definitely be part of the “inheritance” I’ll leave my future kids ehehe.

The Da Vinci Hype

25 May 2006     •     6 Comments
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Oh, sorry. I meant “The Da Vinci Code,” but I did mean the sarcasm 😀

No offense to people who loved this movie, but I was severely disappointed with the film adaptation of Dan Brown’s famous novel. Marc and I saw it last Sunday (I’ve been meaning to blog it, really). We got to the theaters at around 8pm, and the only screening with available seats was at 11PM. So ok we waited three hours. Shit. Three hours of waiting for a movie like that? I think we should have seen MI3 instead.

Maybe it’s because Forrest Gump had left too much of an impression on me that I really can’t see Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon. Anyway, Tom Hanks is great actor, so he’s probably not the problem. It’s the movie itself that’s the problem. Ok, I’ll say it.

The movie was BORING. It so boring that even rhinoplasty photos or any of those medical stuff would have more interesting.

It’s so not as exciting as the book. The book version of the Da Vinci Code kept me awake for an entire night, I couldn’t put it down. Dan Brown told the story so well that I felt my adrenalin pumping almost until the very end. But the movie? I hate to admit it, but I almost fell asleep.

I really can’t point what’s wrong with the movie, honestly… (well, maybe except for the fact that movie Sophie was made to look like an idiot when in the book she was more adept at cryptology than Langdon was)… There’s just something totally wrong about it. I think the only time that I was “affected” was seeing the albino monk torture himself (man, it looked painful).

I don’t know. Maybe I was just expecting too much after all the hype it received. Or maybe I was just expecting to see another Harry-Potterish film adaptation—excellent movie based on an excellent book. The Harry Potter 4 adaption was as faithful to the book version as possible, but was still able to stand with its own right. The Da Vinci Code movie? Nope. I think I would just rather re-read the book.

Disney’s top 3 hottest “men”

6 April 2006     •     Comments Off on Disney’s top 3 hottest “men”
Daily Dose

Well, for me at least. 🙂 But before anything, I’m sorry for disappearing… I’ve been really sick the past few days. I had such a horrible cough you’d think it was tuberculosis (no, no, I don’t have tuberculosis). Anyway, I’m feeling much better now so I’m sort of back in sync.

Going back… I remember years ago (I think I was around 12) that my cousin, Joanne, and I were drooling over Disney characters. Yeah, we’re sickos. Haha. Well, if you knew our number 1 choice, you’d think we’re weirder. And from the looks of it, my Disney hot babe preferrence still hasn’t changed. You’ll know how weird we were!

Here goes…

Number 3: Max, son of Goofy (A Goofy Movie)
You read it right, I think Max is a cool teenage hottie. Notwithstanding the tendency to snort when laughing, there’s something about him that’s suave and well… cool. He’s like the homey, boy-next-door with a touch of playfulness (remember A Goofy Movie?), making him my number three Disney hottie.

Number 2: Diego, the Saber-tooth Tiger (Ice Age)
This is a more recent preferrence. I haven’t talked to my cousin in a while, but since we have similar tastes in Disney characters, I think she also find Diego hot too. Admittedly, Diego sounds a bit like an old man. But there is something about the way he walks that is extremely attractive. There’s also something about him, with his witty comebacks and brooding presence. He’s just the right combination of a kind, friendly tiger with the right amount of danger about him. The recent Ice Age movie even shows a hint of his vulnerability (his fear of water), and the strength of his character of being able to overcome these hurdles. To be honest, I really think Diego is the Disney character with the most internal struggles—he was torn between his survival instincts and his love for his friends. That characterization was also shown in Ice Age 2… What makes Diego a hottie? He’s mysterious, brooding, and you’ll never know when he’ll pounce on you. Roarrrrr!!!! 😀

Number 1: Simba (The Lion King)
Our all-time favorite Disney babe: Simba! My cousin and I have always thought this lion was a hottie… The first time The Lion King came out, we were drooling over him haha. Told you we were sickos. 😀 Let’s start, shall we? For one, he has a sexy voice… It’s a common joke among my previous colleagues at the call center I used to work for two years ago that when a customer has nice voice, there’s a huge chance that you would rather just listen to him than look at him (mean, I know. Hehe). But Simba, he’s different. He doesn’t only have a sexy voice, he’s hot too. Have you noticed the gorgeous way his bangs fell into his eyes whenever he shook his golden mane (sicko, I know! LOL). And his proud stance (when he’s not running around like a fool with Pumba and Timon at least)… Makes him more deserving the English throne than Prince William will ever be (oh, my, Prince William fans are out to get me!!!). One look at him, you’ll know he’s royalty—sexy royalty. The best thing about him (and this quality, I have to admit, is the quality I look for) : he’s sweet. Unlike Diego, he’s not afraid to show his feelings and affections. And that makes him a winner for me.

You’re probably thinking, “how sick are you to even THINK like that?” Well, screw you. 😛 I’m an artist, and I appreciate art. I can definitely tell you that these characters are truly works of art. I mean, come on… Why are these three ANIMALS much more attractive than Prince Eric, Capt. John Smith, Aladdin, Beast turned Prince, and all the other male leads in Disney movies? That’s a question you might want to ask yourself. WHY the animals?

These animal characters where MEANT to be hotties. The storylines clearly showed that. But it was the way Disney was able to bring them to life that made them even more attractive than the male human characters. I suppose it’s because they’re animals and the need for their “human” characterization is much more needed than those who already have human forms. Regardless of which, the fact that I find them a hell lot more attractive than the other human characters just goes to show how effective Disney’s characterization of them really was.

Oh and yeah… Put those three Disney hotties together, and you’ll have a glimpse of my fiance’s personality—minus the tail, whiskers, and fur, of course. Having those qualities were what attracted me to Marc in the first place… Ok, I’ll stop now before I lose focus and this entry gets too sappy for words 😀

Chicken Little, brain little

7 December 2005     •     Comments Off on Chicken Little, brain little
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I am so screwed.

I’ve been quite busy with work, and I haven’t finished the handout I’ll be giving out on Saturday. I’ll be teaching basic Flash to a graduate class in Adamson University this weekend—I have an outline, really, I already do—but the content of the handout is still a bunch of copied and pasted gibberish taken from my notes for other seminars. I swear I’ll fix and finish this tomorrow, so they’ll still have time to photocopy it.

By the way, does anybody know how to get to Adamson? That’s another hurdle I’ll have to worry about. I’ll be coming from Quezon City, specifically from the Ateneo area.

I saw Chicken Little last Monday, by the way. Marc and I saw it with my sister and our help (who’s also kinda like my sister’s nanny too), Marlyn, on the same day I got my Narnia book. I guess I got too excited about the book that I totally forgot about the movie.

Chicken Little was cute. Stupid story, but hey, it’s good to watch something useless at least once in a while. Too much thinking can lead to insanity, you know. Anyway, it was nice. I’m a graphics afficionado, so I’m biased. I’ve always loved 3D animation (I’m a fan of Disney 3D). That duck character, Abby, looked horrendous. Haha. “Ugly ducking” is a polite way of describing her. Too bad she shares my name! LOL. She’s uglier than Sheero’s behind, but she was a delightful character. Very funny too.

I’m really not in the mood of giving a good review, but Chicken Little was quite a good movie. It’s definitely not for those who think thought-provoking movies are the only ones worth watching.

Anyway, I think I’ll rest for a sec. I feel like my brain is shrinking and beginning to float on air… I’ve been awake since 4am yesterday…. Zzzz…

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