Funny how life works, doesn’t it? One minute you’ll have great news, the next, you get sad ones. Mama Luz had been sick during the Pamanhikan. We even passed by the home she shares with Tito Rommel (her son) and gave him some pancit from the restaurant. I had this bad feeling about Mama Luz, but never expected it would be so soon.

When we visited Tito Rommel, he said that Mama Luz was already responding to treatment. Honestly, I even thought Marc and I would be seeing her at our wedding. But her liver failed her. (

Mama Luz was Mama Nena’s youngest sister. They were very close, since their other sister and brother died much earlier. Although I wasn’t attached to Mama Nena as I was with Mama Luz (Mama Nena, after all, WAS my grandma), I got to spent quite a lot of time with her due to the simple fact that Mama Nena and Mama Luz were practically always together. She even helped my grandma tutor me when I was a kid—she was a great English teacher. Mama Nena was the one who taught me how to read, Mama Luz was the one who taught me to write.

Thank you for everything, Mama Luz. We’re going to miss you, but we know you’re happier there now with Mama Nena. May you rest in peace.