Sadako is coming to town! Nyahahaha! D

Kidding. I was just referring to my left hand:

Yeah, it’s official. Now everybody knows, so the pressure is on to come up with the needed wedding budget. Donations, anyone? Haha.

Anyway, the Pamanhikan itself wasn’t bad. It was a bit uncomfortable at first, but oddly enough, everyone started warming up only when it was time to leave. Oh well. Better late than never! We didn’t really talk much about the wedding, it was more like “getting to know the other family” kind of gathering, unlike the usual tradition of discussing the entourage. Our relatives are actually leaving the decision for the entourage up to us, they’re ok with it. All they’re asking is to have a “representative” in the entourage from all sides of the family. That’s easy to do.

Sorry I haven’t really been online much lately. I have a busy job, and with planning a wedding, I’m becoming busier and busier than ever. It’s stressing, I’m telling you. Marc and I are targetting to reserve a Church and a reception venue before the month is over (after what seems like a hundred “Churches should be reserved a year ahead or you won’t get any” horror stories, I think you’ll understand why we’re rushing that P ), and we’ll start by visiting Churches before deciding.

I’m stressed, I have my period this week, and my sleeping hours are being interrupted every day by caterers inviting us for food tasting. My dogs are stressed too… Dad banned them from sleeping on my bed so their ticks and fleas won’t reach me (he’d be ashamed to have his daughter in “polka-dots” on her wedding day, he said). So apart from the eager caterers ruining my sleep in the morning, I also get awakened by my Dad’s sermons if he catches Sheero, Harry or Choknat sneaking on my bed. I swear, one week before my wedding day, I’m going to have a sleeping galore. At the rate I’m going, Marc might end up with a bride who likes a hag P

Before anybody suggests it… NO, I will not hire a wedding planner. I know it’s going to be a stressful year, but both our families promised to help us anyway they can. We don’t want to spend too much on this event… I mean, what’s the point of emptying out our savings for the wedding and end up starving the next day? Marc and I have already agreed that it’s just going to be simple.

Anyway, if you guys know cheap yet elegant wedding alternatives, PLEASE, I beg you to tell me D