I know people would be expecting me to talk about blogging since iBlog is kind of a hot topic right now, but this news merits an entry. Well, in my family’s opinion at least. This is the type of news that I’m pretty sure even our relatives abroad will be glad to hear.

My mom can now walk without her cane 🙂

I was working on something when she told me. We were really surprised to see it, but very glad to. She still walks slowly, but the absence of the cane is a big improvement. She is no longer dependent on it. Ever since she had the stroke that almost paralized half her body, she became dependent on the cane for support while walking. Although sometimes we still need to remind her that she no longer needs her cane, it’s more of a habit thing now than dependency.

The “motto” I have always lived by holds true once again 🙂

As long as you put your mind into it, anything’s possible.