I want to blog this on The Filipino Web Designer but I don’t have any intelligible words to say. Omigod. Omigod. OMIGOD!!!!

I think I’ve said OMIGOD so often today that my dad is already threatening to enter me in a convent.

So what’s freaking me out? I’ll tell you…

It’s really my habit to load Thunderbird as soon as I turn on my pc. And the first email that I saw was a notification of Dana’s comment on Filipino Web Designer. I was like… “what the f…?!” I checked ArenaWP and that’s when I started with my OMIGODs!

I was so freaking (and I’m still freaking) that Marc’s sister thought I’m losing my mind.

I’m sorry, but I really can’t help it. Seeing my name on that list was the last thing I’ve thought possible. I mean, come on… Although there are quite some people in the Philippine blogosphere who know me (mostly because of the first IBlog Summit where I gave a talk on blog design), I’m a nobody in the international WordPress community. I’ve honestly given up any hope of winning whatever in that contest after Terry released the official list of participants. So I just got myself distracted with work (which isn’t hard to do, since my weekend was practically all on work, work, work). You can just imagine the surprise I felt when I saw Dana’s comment. After spending practically the entire week in self-pity for being a work-slave, seeing my name on that list was simply unbelievable. Even my family thought my abrupt mood change was alarming hehehe 😀

My mind is still a bit incoherent right now. I’m blabbing. I’ll probably just blog about this properly once my mind’s stable again 😆