I am physically, intellectually, and emotionally drained.

July. August. September. October. I have approximately 4 months to go before my wedding. Marc and I are still a long way to go on our Church and legal requirements, and I’m honestly beginning to feel the pressure. When you’re also running a wedding-related business, the reality of pushed-back wedding dates become a more possible possibility. I’ve already had two clients who had to change their wedding dates because of incomplete legal/Church requirements (good thing I run the printing of the main invites last). Four months may be long for some people. But with my schedule? No, it’s extremely short.

Dad and I have already been contemplating of putting up a showroom here. Our business is starting to take off, and meeting clients all over Metro Manila is becoming physically draining for me.

Take last weekend as an example.

I was supposed to meet with some friends in the evening and drop by the bloggers’ dinner Jayvee and Abe came up with. I met a client in the morning at Glorietta, then another at Megamall after lunch, then another one at Gateway. I was bone-tired by the afternoon (well, at least you can say that I made good use of the MRT train!). By the time I got home around 4pm, I had to take a nap before doing my freelance work which I planned to tinker with a little before meeting up with my friends and the bloggers.

I only woke up when Abe called me. But guess what? For some unknown reason, I fell back asleep after his call. I can’t even recall falling asleep again!

Good thing Marc have already contacted our friends earlier on about the status of my physical energy and the million things I needed to do. But man, we’ve been planning that meet-up for ages! The sad thing about it, I won’t be available again until the weekend after next… And that’s still tentative, I’m still not sure of my sched. And I so wanted to attend the bloggers dinner too… 🙁

My only consolation is that Marc doesn’t need to sched dates with me yet 😛 He’s been helping me with our businesses, so we’re still spending a lot of quality time together. The side comment I made about geeky in-front-of-the-computer dates in an interview at the Pinoy WordPress blog are becomming a little bit more often these days.