Yeah, Adam, I got jealous so I made one of my own. 😀

Seriously though, I’m getting tired of this bamboo theme even before I finished it. I guess I never really liked it that much, so I’m making a new one. Here’s a preview:

Kutitots version 8

Did you really think I’d show you the entire thing? Nope. Call me paranoid, but I’ve honestly gotten tired of this perennial ripper of mine. Who knows? That pain-in-the-arse might copy my design even before I get the chance to launch it. I am TYPICALLY one of those people who have high thresholds of patience for rippers (duh. I’ve even released themes for godsakes!), but this is getting ridiculous. I don’t think it’ll be long before that person copies my entire portfolio.

Yes. BEFORE anybody says it… I know. “Ripping is one of the sincerest form of flattery.” Flattery my ass! I don’t think I would have been bothered that much if this sorry human had the decency to NOT BRAG ABOUT THEM. Yep. Ripper brags about them. So ok, maybe I really shouldn’t care if the ripper brags about it on that person’s blog, it’s that person’s world, wtf do I care (when my sister was still having schizophrenic attacks, she had her OWN world… Hmm…). The friggin’ irony of this all is that this person actually brags about them TO ME!

Now tell me. Would you be flattered if the person who ripped your site (SITES) was thick enough to get all high-and-mighty to you? Of course not. You’ll be pissed. And I’m PISSED.

Suing this person will be an utterly waste of time… and money. They’re harmless rippings (note the “s”), not like this previous client of ours who demanded a full refund and STILL used my design (copied it horribly, I might add). My hon laughed when I asked him to spot the difference, and my friend Arelle practically covered her eyes and said the site rip was giving her sore eyes. This kind of ripping is a nuisance, but something you still can laugh about. Kind of like that annoying fly you just want to swat away.

As I said, it would take a lot of my patience before I get pissed when it comes to issues of ripping. I would even probably “encourage” little doses of it for people who are still starting out. “Mimicking” somebody else’s style is a good way to start out, it will give you an idea of the industry you’re getting into. And from there on, you will slowly be able to develop your own style and your own design personality. But if you’re still in the “mimicking” process and you already consider yourself above all… Now that’s where the problem begins… And that’s exactly what pisses me off.

My parents are both artists, and I’ve been brought up in the artist’s lifestyle. My parents, especially my dad, always (and I do mean ALWAYS) kept on reminding my sister and me to keep our feet on the ground. We’ve been taught to keep in mind that there will always be somebody better in the craft than us out there. This thought will not only be a source of humility, but also be the drive for us to better ourselves. If you’ve made yourself believe you’re the best of them all already, there won’t be any drive to improve yourself further. You’ll just be stuck in that black hole where only your dog is your “fan”. Or maybe you could just get a rhinoplasty New Jersey so we’ll have the same nose! If you keep on copying somebody else’s design and style, why stop there? Heh.