Now, I’m REALLY beginning to feel Marc and I are accomplishing wedding requirements. We’re almost through with the Church requirements, can you believe that (I know I can’t). We finally got through the pre-Cana seminar, and up until now I’m still scratching my head in confusion over it.

The main reason Marc and I have only gotten to attending this seminar just now was primary because of sleepiness. Marc’s in the night shift, and I work best in the evenings (so technically, I was in the night shift too). The seminar starts at 10am, and you really can’t blame us for doubting our bodies to stay awake an entire day without any sleep. And when I think of pre-Cana seminar, I think of religious people with Powerpoint presentations on a projector screen droning on and on about what-is and what-not’s of marriage. Blame it on my tertiary education. I went to a Jesuit-run university, so it’s really not that far out to think of religious stuff in such an academic setting.

Marc and I argued who would sleep first on the earlier parts of the seminar (yeah I know, we’re evil). One of us had to be awake, you know. Just like in a classroom… Anyway, we got there at the Parish a few minutes after 10am (we’re evil AND we’re rude, we’re going straight to hell). We filled up some forms and waited for the priest to arrive, which is kind of annoying since we worried about getting late for nothing hehehe.

When the priest did arrive, we noticed that there was only one other couple with us (so much for sleeping through the thing). Which is strange… Why would you waste electricity on setting up a projector for ONLY two couples?

Duh. Because it wouldn’t be needed. The “seminar” doesn’t even come close to being a seminar (not even “counselling” for crying out loud), it was more like… CONSULTATION. And a really quick one at that. The priest just gave us bullet points of what should have been a paragraph each. His message was simple, really:

“Sex is a gift from God to married couples. Experiment! Don’t give your partner a reason to leave you.”

Ok… And then he became more specific:

“If your wife/husband wants oral sex, give it to her/him.”

Very short, but very concise. He went STRAIGHT to the point (and I thought I was lazy hehe). But you got to admit, this priest isn’t someone you’d forget in a jiffy. You won’t forget what he SAID in a jiffy.

Now that’s what I call a “unique” pre-wedding seminar! I wouldn’t have slept through it even if I tried.

So boys and girls… Remember, when you get married… Sex is a gift from God to married people, so EXPERIMENT! 😀