I have two male dogs, and one baby girl. But since my family has 13 dogs, we have seven girl dogs all in all. You can just imagine what it’s like here. It’s mating season!

To date, I have certified that we have four of those seven bitches pregnant (well, they ARE called bitches you know… I’m not just being rude here). One has already given birth. I can’t help but scratch my head when thinking about the inevitable “labor season.”

There are three things that I hate the most when this season comes:

  1. My two male dogs, Harry and Choknat, leave my side.
  2. Dog fights.
  3. You see dogs screwing all over the place.

I read somewhere that male dogs are usually more loyal than female ones. That’s kind of true, Sheero (my baby girl… yeah, we named our startup company after her) stays with me whenever she feels like it. But when she’s off hunting (Sheero hunts for cockroaches, lizards, little mice and big rats), I’m left to fend for myself. Although she’d go running back to where I am if something does happen, she’s not attached to my side like the other two. Harry and Choknat have already stationed themselves under my computer desk (this annoys the heck out of Marc actually), and would accompany even all the way to the bathroom when I need to pee (they whine and gripe whenever I needed to do a number two LOL). But when it’s mating season, Sheero and I are left alone in the computer room. Which is too bad, I’m left with one furry rug under my feet.

Dog fights this season can be very annoying. You get to hear growling every night. Kind of like those fighting drunk men in the bars where one guy gets offended because the other can’t keep his eyes off “his” girl’s ass. It’s the same with dogs. They can get into fights with just one look. But that only happens here when it’s mating season.

The thing I hate about dogs screwing all over the place is the fact that I sometimes trip over them. The dogs inside the house are a relatively small specie, so it’s easy not to notice them until it’s too late and you already have your face on the floor. We’re used to seeing dogs having a huge orgy in our living room, but some people aren’t… You can just imagine the look on our guests’ faces. Some are already too shocked when they see the number of dogs inside our house.
Well, at least our dogs only become lewd and horny once every few months. Real people aren’t like that… Some people are lewd and horny every day 😛 But then, when you really think about it, you get some striking similarities between people and dogs in mating season.

One would be the typical bar fight and a dog fight. Another is throwing loyalty out of the window and screwing somebody else with a “too-too” gone wild. And last is probably one of the things that you’d typically see in extremely deviant societies: sex all over the place. Actually, the societies need not be too deviant to do that… I’ve heard of stories of couples doing it in strange and public places just because they suddenly felt the “urge” and don’t have the money to check in a motel (or maybe they’re just too hot already and had to “release it” anywhere?).

During the time when my late grandma was young, they’d probably be shocked to hear that. Now, when you do hear something like that, “What stupid fools and got themselves caught. Should have just checked-in at a motel.” I’m only twenty-four (hey, it’s still rare that a girl admits her real age!), and yet, I can’t help but notice how morals change in our society.

I remember having this same discussion with one of sponsors on our wedding. He was telling me that “tomboys” in private schools are no longer “just tomboys,” most of them are already practicing lesbians. A girl’s private school have already added a clause in their set of rules that anyone caught in PDA (Public Display of Affection) will be dealt with severely. And to think I went to that very same school a few years ago. That kind of thing would have been scandalous.

Now, I can’t imagine the society that my future kid will be into. I’ll be getting married in three months’ time (omg it’s getting near!), and this is one of the thoughts that entered into our minds. I’ve been brought up well by my parents (well, at least I like to think so), and I would like to do the same for the kid Marc and I will have. But seeing the society now and how morals seem to be “mutating,” we’re facing one hell of a challenge.

Let’s just hope that our society won’t evolve into something like a dogs’ mating season… I wouldn’t know what to do (at least for now, I wouldn’t).