Last night was the Globe Innove-sponsored dinner. And as usual, I was late. If I was rude, Markku was ruder hehe. He got there later than me!

Marc was shy, so he opted to stay at an internet cafe instead of joining us. Seriously though, I think he just didn’t want to get bored. I think blogger talks on Google Adsense and broadband connection bore him.

Anyway, I met quite a lot of fellow nerds there that I’ve been meaning to meet: Connie, Anton, Marc Macalua, Rico, and Jangelo. I wasn’t able to talk to Noemi, but I did smile for her camera hehehe. The Globe guys separated the bloggers into two groups, and since I was late, I joined group 2 (besides, Abe and Jayvee were there, and these two were the only ones I knew before the meet). So I really wasn’t able to meet everyone. Anyway, next time (if there is a next time) hopefully I’ll be able to talk to Kiven, Clair, and Vespinoy.

I really enjoyed talking to Connie (she’s so funny hehehe). Marc looks very much the same as the picture on his blog. Anton kept taking pictures of all of us that I begun to think I was a celebrity (email us a copy of your pics dude!).

It was basically some kind of a focus group discussion with chit-chats and food on the side (I drank a lot of that good mango shake! harharhar). From what I understand, Globe Innove (I just found out last night that it’s pronounced as “eeh-noh-veh”) wanted to get a feel of the blogging community. Research, basically. Then before the bar started to get really noisy with music, the Globe guys presented their services to us.

Their dialup service is actually a bit steep (there are cheaper dialup providers out there), but I think that’s because they seemed to be focusing their efforts on broadband more. Which, I would say, is quite a good deal. I pay around P999 for my ZpDee cable connection of 384kbps, but Globe offers their 512kbps at basically the same price (P995 I think, I can’t remember exactly). Although switching providers is far from my mind right now (I’m very satisfied with my provider’s service), I think Globe might be a good try for others. We made it quite clear to them that sucky customer service could be their downfall, and availability in a lot of areas could help them a lot. The Globe guys seem more than willing to listen and take our suggestions into consideration (heck, they were even taking down notes), so I think it might be safe to say that their service has a promising future 😛

And this isn’t just a well-fed Gail (not to mention “happy with the KEWL reversible Globelines jacket” Gail) talking. The fact remains that Globe is taking the time to understand the techno-savvy blogging community. They’re actively making the effort to go beyond the “that’s so 80’s” notion of the internet where spinning logos are cool and uber-metallic buttons are the bomb.

I brought along one of my dad’s backup cameras, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any pics. The seafood pasta was distracting 😛 Seriously though, I’m really not into the habit of taking pics while in a group thing or party like that. So again, you’ll just have to see the photos from the sites of other bloggers who did take pics:

Noemi | More pics from Noemi | Anton

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