This had been a very eventful week. “Emotionally challenging” is probably the best way to describe it.

No, I’m not fighting cancer. But I have read from Now What, Cat? through Abe’s post that a cute little boy named Pyro is stricken with the disease and would like to meet his wrestling idol.

Simple things such as this is a huge boost to a kid’s morale. I have lost distant cousins and a friend to cancer, but I have also seen miracles happen. Our family doctor (who also happens to be my mom’s family friend) has a daughter who was stricken with cancer at an early age. But miraculously, she fought it and was able to recover. As a way of thanking God for this miracle, our doctor and her husband put up the very first hospice organization in the country as part of their devotion and their way of helping other families cope through the hardship they themselves have experienced.

It was such a great coincidence that I have heard about Pyro’s case just now.

Yesterday was my mom’s 50th birthday, and we celebrated it with the help of close relatives and friends. My Uncle Jake, took this opportunity to get to know our present baranggay captain, who happened to be my late ex-boyfriend’s father. When I say late, yeah, he passed away. He had leukemia.

We were no longer girlfriend-boyfriend when he passed away though, but we remained good friends.

It was really weird introducing Marc, my fiance, to them… For the simple reason that they shared the same name. Hehe. Not only that, but they were even classmates during their elementary school days. Of course, my ex’s parents asked me how Marc and I met—and now, that was even more uncomfortable to me.

I have always felt that Marc was my angel, for the simple reason that I met him exactly a day after my friend passed away. It’s just really weird coincidence: they shared the same name, and the time of our meeting coincided exactly with my friend’s time of death the day before. That was the story behind it, so I just told my friend’s parents the truth: Your son brought Marc to me to be my angel.

I didn’t know what their reaction would be, but I did notice my friend’s dad getting a bit teary-eyed. They told me that they were really happy to hear that even in death, their son still wanted the best for his friends and family.

After being a friend to somebody who had cancer, I can attest to the fact that people stricken with the big C are some of the bravest people I will ever meet. I remember an instance when my friend confided to me that sometimes he couldn’t help but feel scared what might happen to him the next day he woke up—he knew then that any day he could be dead. He was on remission on and off, and the pain of chemotheraphy was really incredible. But then, he told me that no matter how much he thought that there might not be any hope for a longer life, he would continue fighting the cancer and live his life in the fullest for the simple reason that his family and friends have made life worth living AND fighting for.

I’ll pray that Pyro will have the same strength (I hope you guys will too) and continue his fight against cancer. If you think you can help make his little wish come true, just drop Cat a message on her blog.