Well, so much for the diet! With all these freebie food and drinks, I’m never going to get that sexy figure in time for my wedding. If I don’t fit into my wedding gown, I swear it’s going to be Globe Innove‘s fault. Hehe.

Anyway, Marc and I weren’t able to stay long last night. We had to leave in the middle of Noemi‘s presentation or Marc will be late for his shift. I don’t know what happened after we left, but am I right to guess that there wasn’t the Globe Innove sales pitch that was made at the last blogger meet? 😛

Marc and I were only able to say hello to a few familiar faces such as Abe, Jayvee, Marc Macalua, and Markku. We shared a table in the corner with Noemi, Bimbo and Rico. If Bimbo was my seatmate in college, I think all of us would have been sent out within the first few minutes of class hehe. Yeah, chit chat during lecture!

I think I might have said this already before, I’m not sure. But this strategy of Globe Innove really is something else. I haven’t seen any billboards or any of those full-blown advertising stuff (well, maybe except for this one vehicle in Eastwood City with the Globelines ad plastered all over it), but I have been seeing them often on local blogs (heck, even on my own). Marc even commented to me after the first blogger meet that this strategy of Globe is very smart (pun intended). I mean, come on. All they did was gather a bunch of high-traffic bloggers, talk to them, feed them and give them some freebies (oh, and don’t forget the sales pitch!)… Then there you have it: bloggers now know they exist.

Globe Innove is now doing what some of us bloggers do: niching. We’re their new niche. But I’m not complaining. Heck, I’m a blogger, and they can rain us with BlogCons as much as they want hehe. Seriously though, you got to commend them for such a “smart” strategy. I mean, who would better appreciate fast broadband connections than us bloggers?

I heard that they might make this BlogCon a regular thing. Well…. As I have said, Globe Innove sure knows how to make bloggers happy! 😛

Now, is their service available in Blue Ridge, Quezon City? Hehe.

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