No use denying it anymore—I’m really getting excited about my wedding. I’m still stressing, yes, but who cares? I’m beginning to start counting the days before I walk down the aisle.

I celebrated my 25th birthday last Sunday, October 8. And at the same time, I also had our entourage over for a second fitting. Our couture brought the gowns and colored Barongs for the members of our entourage to check if they fit. I’ve also had the measurements for my gown taken, but that’s not the thing that made me this excited.

The gowns and Barongs are so PRETTY. Forgive me for sounding like a ditz, but really, I can’t wait to show them off. The designs fit my color motif and modern Filipiniana theme perfectly. I’m dying to post the photos my dad took here, but it might ruin the surprise.

The color motif Marc and I chose is aqua blue and silver—not exactly a “typical” wedding color motif. I like that shade of blue (Marc likes ANY shade of blue), and we wanted something that isn’t the usual. I also wanted our entourage to stand out (you know, so they won’t be mistaken as JUST guests?), so we picked a shade that’s most unlikely be in our guests’ gown and Barong color choices.

When everybody finished putting on their gowns and Barongs, Dad gathered them up for a photo op 😀 Maybe it’s because I just really LOVE the color, but having them together like that makes me really look forward to my wedding day.

Seeing the finished gowns and Barongs (the ones that needed no alterations were able to bring home their gowns and Barongs already) is probably the main reason I’m finally beginning to get into the “wedding excitement.” It also makes me realize that my wedding is getting very near. I’ve been so busy with work too much that I only got bitten by the “wedding bug” just now.

I really can’t describe properly how I’m feeling right now, actually. It’s a combination of excitement and anxiety. Kind of like you can’t wait for that day and at the same time, you feel you need more time before it comes. This is normal, isn’t it? Or am I too much of a workaholic that I only felt the excitement JUST now?!