Hehe. Is that title totally vain or what? Sorry, but I’ve been tagged by Juned 😛

The 5 things people don’t usually know about me:

  1. I have a ridiculously long full name. When I say long, and I mean really long: Abygail Josephine Aherrera Dela Cruz. That’s my maiden name. If you want my married name, it’s Abygail Josephine Dela Cruz-Villanueva (it got even longer). Very few know about my full name, and I don’t write it unless I really needed to (mostly legal docs and stuff). I still can’t forget the irritated guy behind me at the line of the customs at the Hongkong international airport—he was complaining that I was taking too long. Well, it wasn’t my fault that the Chinese customs guy typing my name on the computer was taking his time spelling my full name! Heh.
  2. I flunked Microeconomics three times. And I haven’t passed it yet. Really. I’m considered an undergrad till now because of it. I don’t really know why, but I have some kind of an aversion to that subject. There’s just something about this subject that I don’t really like.
  3. I have a “mojo” frog. A real, dead, soaked-in-formalin frog in a sealed jar. I’d take a picture and post it here, but after witnessing the same reaction from every person who has seen it (Abe’s was probably the most “controlled”), I decided not to. This was the very same frog I dissected in high school (sophomore year, to be more precise, you can just imagine how old this frog is). I don’t know why I kept it, I guess I just enjoyed playing with its insides that much (kidding!). I remember that we were supposed to make a report out of the dissection, and have our own illustration of the frog’s body parts. Since I was too lazy to draw… Well, let’s just say this is the reason why I started using Photoshop as artistic tool. So yeah, this frog is very sentimental. Even if it is about 10 years old already.
  4. I can ride a bike like (or sometimes even better) than a guy. My dad and his friends used to go up mountains for motocross, and of course I was jealous. My dad had always been my idol (and still is), so I liked imitating the things he did when I was a kid. He didn’t want me riding motorbikes (he said it was un-ladylike), but he did let me ride a bike. I was so bent on imitating my dad that I was able to ride a two-wheeler bike (no balancers! You know, the BMX type?) at the age of four. Even my mom (who’s totally against manly sports) admits that I can probably ride a bike better than most men 😛
  5. I don’t know how to swim. Seriously, I can’t. I never finished learning how to. My parents enrolled me at the Ayala Alabang Country Club for swimming lessons when I was around four years old, but it was just too far from where we lived (we’re in Quezon City, for crying out loud). I never continued my swimming lessons, so I never learned how to swim.

I’ve been blogging about serious stuff lately, this is such a refreshing change. Your turn guys! Continuing the chain, I tag thee:
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