That’s how long I’ve been sober: 6 years. In four of those years, I haven’t had a smoke (well, maybe except for one time… hehe). It’s not that I entered the convent or changed religions or anything—I just found the fulfillment of my concept of Camelot, my one true love.

Ugh. That’s so cheesy. But really. Marc was the one who made me renounce my drunken, smoke-belching old ways. He’s an athlete, and believes in healthy living. He didn’t want me throwing away valuable minutes of my life by getting wasted on a regular basis.

I used to drink a lot, you know—made the most out of my college years. I even had a few close shaves back then—like almost getting caught intoxicated while attending a Legal Management class. But I’ve reformed. You can even ask my friends for proof 😛

Today I’m suffering from the first hang-over I’ve ever had in six years. And it’s all birthday boy Abraham’s fault—he introduced me and Marc to one of the most delicious Weng-Weng (and probably the most ridiculously expensive) drink we’ve ever had. Hehe.

But before you guys start pouting and hold a protest up at the Blogging Overlord’s pad for your own glass of Weng-Weng… Let me tell you that it wasn’t intentional 😀 Marc and I weren’t really planning on staying too long at Marc Macalua’s Ituloy AngSulong party, but since it was held just right beside Starbucks in Metro Walk where we had the Philippine Blog Awards Night volunteers’ meeting… Well, could you blame us for not wanting to pass up a free dinner and have a night out again for the first time in years?

Hehe. I so wasn’t dressed for it—I think I looked like I got out of bed and just pulled something on (hey, my shorts cost me four hundred bucks, you know!). But since we were there anyway, we figured it didn’t hurt to have a bit of fun.

And what fun it was.

It was great seeing J Angelo again—I don’t think I’ve seen him since the first Isulong party. But honestly? I’m still pretty weirded out seeing him, Abe, and Jayvee take out their portables and go online at a bar. Geez. Well, at least I had the pleasure of calling three of the Philippines’ top pro-bloggers, “three of the Philippines’ top nerds,” to their faces. Not everyone will have the opportunity to do that, you know!

Since she had a rest-back in Jomar, Markku and I weren’t able to blackmail negotiate our way to a PR8 from Ms. Google Aileen (come on now… Just a teeny-weeny period with a link in the Google page?)—all I got was Google pen. It would have been nice to have a Google notebook too, you know. But since I’m not that special… Hehehe 🙂

Sasha, Rico, and Karla were disappointed not to have witnessed our birthday gift to the birthday boy. Don’t worry guys, there’s still next time! 😀

See? Bloggers have lives other than blogging too!