Bloggers’ Choice Awards now open for voting!

10 September 2008     •     1 Comment
Daily Dose Tech Things

Voting is now open for the Bloggers’ Choice Awards! Check out the guidelines and the list of nominees before casting your vote. As you will see, the voting procedure is much more complicated than last year’s. That was intentional 🙂

Aside from providing online mileage for our kind sponsors (without them, there won’t be an Awards Night for us bloggers to enjoy), we wanted to be sure that the award really and truly is bloggers’ choice. I don’t know why, but last year some people assumed that you are already a blogger and your vote will count just because you put in “Yahoo.Com” or “Friendster.Com” as your blog URL in hopes of getting around our voting system 😛 Read more

The 2008 Philippine Blog Awards

11 January 2008     •     11 Comments
Daily Dose Tech Things

We just officially launched the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards!

2008 Philippine Blog Awards

So, you think you got what it takes to be considered one of the Philippines’ finest bloggers? Well, here’s your chance! 😀 Read more

Say your thanks and win a prize

5 October 2007     •     8 Comments
Tech Things

This blog has gone through a lot—redesigns, criticisms, support, praise, etc.—in the past three years of its existence. And for that, I thank you all for continuing to read and support it:

Thank you!

Yeah, this is another Thank You Day Philippines pimp. I’m pimping my work. Haha. Seriously though, this is one pimp where you can actually win prizes. Read more

My dogs got me a dollar savings account!

16 August 2007     •     9 Comments
Tech Things

With so many issues and controversies popping up for the past few weeks within the Philippine Blogosphere, I need a break. Whatever relaxation I got from a long weekend in Angeles City and Subic Bay was zapped as fast as blinking as soon as I saw the mess that was the Pinoy blogosphere. So I thought of writing about something lighter.

My dogs got me a dollar savings account!

I used to tease Marc, my husband, that my dogs are “earning” more than he was in blogging, but never really thought much about it. But yeah, come to think of it, the majority of my blogging income comes from my dog-inspired blogs. Read more

Are we selling ourselves too cheaply?

15 August 2007     •     10 Comments
Tech Things

I know this isn’t the right time for it, with all the controversies going on regarding the 13-year-old kid (frankly, I really hope this issue would settle down already. Imagine the pressure and the stress this gives the kid), but I can’t help it. I just have to let it out.

There are times that I wish that I could thread in two rivers. But I can’t. As a web designer, I am sometimes bound by non-disclosure agreements—especially the outsourced ones. The client privilege of privacy and non-disclosure just sucks when you’re also a blogger. You get the juiciest, first-hand accounts of interesting and bloggable tidbits, but you can’t write anything about it. Sometimes, I really wish it was as easy as disclosing PR involvement (like, it’s as simple as “I got this gift from this company and they fed me dinner, so I’m blogging about it as a gesture of ‘thanks’ even though I don’t have any idea what the product or service really is”), but it’s not.

However, that’s not why I’m ranting.

Are we selling ourselves too cheap?

Read more

Joining the fray on blog disclosures

11 August 2007     •     7 Comments
Tech Things

After two weeks of house arrest in front of my PC, I finally got that much needed break. Marc and I are at Fontana Leisure Park in Angeles City with my college friends right now, taking a very short vacation over the weekend before we tackle another tiring, work-laden week ahead. I made a vow to really take a break, and just brought along this laptop for the sole purpose of pleasurable blogging. But I guess sometimes, it’s really hard to avoid not to sneak in a bit of work if you’ve been so used to doing something more productive than getting morning glory on my eyes from too much sleep. I know I should be enjoying it, but for some weird reason, I find the peacefulness of the place a bit unnerving—it gives me this uneasy feeling that I’ll have another load of work backlog when I get back.

But then again, I have to admit that all these nature stuff (for once I could actually hear myself think, albeit the crickets and occasional croaks of nearby frogs) and peacefulness are helping me to finally get my thoughts in order and blog about something I’ve been longing to write about but haven’t had the time and energy nor the inspiration to do so: Blog Disclosures.

Some of my friends have already made their say on this issue. Others I agree with, but some, I honestly don’t. But then again, disagreements do happen even between the best of friends—because after all, people have different views on things, and stand for different priorities and advocacies. So yeah, you can either agree or disagree with me. But allow me to give you my piece.

I’m a strong believer of transparency, and of how that transparency helps you protect your integrity. I don’t why, I guess my parents just brought me up that way. Besides, I myself have been an unfortunate victim of underhanded tactics, which probably pushed me further to this line of thinking. Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.

So what does this have to do with blog disclosures? A lot, I think. Read more

Back from my hiatus (but not quite), PTB anniversary, and the Timbuk2 Blogger Bag Launch

5 August 2007     •     7 Comments
Daily Dose Tech Things

This has got to be a record. 14 days of no blogging since I’ve started blogging regularly. I’m getting worse. But, of all my hiatuses, I think this was the most worth it.

I’ve been sick the past few weeks 🙁 And I’m telling you, getting sick in the middle of a stressful workload won’t really help you get well when you need it. I’ve been perpetually bone-tired the past days, but it’s hard to complain when you’ve got a lot of responsibilities to think about—work and family. Work stress, I’m used to it. The thing I didn’t expect to get is another butt-load of family stress.

You see, my sister’s psychiatrist tried out a new medication for my sis in the hopes of lowering down her blood sugar—the old one, albeit effective, has high sugar content. But as it turned out, it wasn’t for her, so we had to endure her bouts of craziness the past month 😛 I guess that’s the thing that attributed a lot to my stress—you really can’t relax when you’re on the edge, keeping an ear out just in case another tantrum is in the works.

Now that my sister’s back to drinking her old medicine, we’re able to relax a bit. Funny. It’s just like in Harry Potter, where “the wand chooses the wizard.” In her case, the medicine chooses the drinker 😛 Forgive my corny remarks, I’m just trying to see the best in all of this. Read more

My new Logitech G3 Laser Mouse and the Taste Asia food binge

5 July 2007     •     12 Comments
Tech Things

Seven days of no blogging? Gee, I didn’t know it’s been that long. I’ve been meaning to blog (seriously, I was) about my new toy: a Logitech G3 Laser Mouse.

Logitech G3 Laser Mouse

The Most Influential Blogging Overlord had been advising me to get an ergonomic mouse ever since I went to a blogger badminton session with a bandage on my right hand (I swear, that guy’s sales talk can sell a house if he wanted it to). I suppose he thought my cheapo, worn-out, uber-harassed optical mouse had to go. I have quite a high tolerance for pain, so I never really thought of getting a new mouse until the cursor started having a mind of its own. Read more

Real-life passion and blogging

18 April 2007     •     5 Comments
Tech Things

I know it’s been nine days already since my last post. My husband has been blogging more frequently than I’ve been. This is probably the most used excuse ever, but really, I have been very busy. Too busy to write on my own personal blog. It seems that I did stand true to what I told Abe before: designing will always come first before blogging.

I’ve had so much work backlog since organizing the Philippine Blog Awards. Kind of like the unwashed laundry, which kept on piling up the more I try to forget about it. I have to tie loose ends before I leave for Bohol next week. I’ve learned my lesson—I’m not bringing my work to the beach like I did in Puerto Galera. Doing so really took the fun out of a much-needed break.

Anyway, I wasn’t able to attend the first day of iBlog3 last Friday because of work—I was only able to attend the second one when I also I had my talk in the afternoon. And since I didn’t get any sleep at that time, I spent most of the morning getting coffee from a nearby kiosk—I couldn’t afford to doze off while giving my talk. Although most of what the other speakers said just breezed through my head, I was able to do was I was there for: network! Read more

How do you blog?

9 April 2007     •     22 Comments
Tech Things

Last Wednesday, Sasha and I had a little talk over iced tea while everyone was playing badminton. We were discussing blogging nuisances when the topic of speaking and blogging came up. But since we were so fired up with the nuisances, we weren’t really able to discuss it more in detail.

Sasha said she blogs the same way she speaks, and I think even The Jester-in-Exile agrees to that. But me, I can honestly say that the way I speak is very different from the way I blog.

You see, I had a bit of journalism and creative writing background in me. I took up an elective in Creative Writing under Danton Remoto and had tutelage in journalism from required seminars and my colleagues (under Sunday Inquirer Magazine’s Ruel de Vera’s supervision) during my editorial stint in the school paper. So yeah, that’s one of the reasons why I am able to show a very small fraction of me through my blog, and why I’m able to write long entries instead of short ones.

My blog posts here in Kutitots are similar to editorials, or feature articles. I tried to write like Abe once (you know, short and concise), but it didn’t feel right. I tried Marc’s comedic blogging style, but it didn’t feel right either. It didn’t feel me. Read more

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