I know it’s only been less than four months since we got married, and we’re both still adjusting. So pardon me for saying this, but I think I found it out the hard way that you really shouldn’t send a man to do a woman’s job.

Maybe it’s just my husband, but for some reason, I always end up with modified results of my grocery list every time I send him shopping. Tell him to buy chicken breasts, he brings home chicken legs. Put “2 cans of coconut milk” on the list, and he buys three! I can’t remember even a single instance when I sent Marc to the grocery and he brings home exactly the ones on my list.

I remember Markku asking me at the Ituloy AngSulong party last Friday how marriage is suiting me. My answer? “OMG, you’re not going to believe the pile of dirty dishes we have at home!” Markku was, as expected, amused. I mean, yeah, why in the world would we leave dirty dishes piled up for three days right?

Ask my husband. And he’ll tell you that it’s because washing only a few dirty dishes is “not challenging.” Ok fine. Dirty dishes, I can live with. There are times that I just couldn’t take seeing the pile of dirty dishes anymore that I eventually wash them myself.

But I don’t really know what to make of this:

Ice tray in the fridge

Can somebody please be nice enough and tell my husband that no matter how long you put an ice tray inside the refrigerator, it won’t freeze unless you put it in the freezer?!!

And now, he has a rat fixation. I won’t be surprised if he starts buying different kinds of mouse traps and setting them up all over the house. As for me, I think I’ll just add “mouse traps of different kinds” to our grocery list so I would make myself believe that at least one item on my list was bought.