For the past few days, I’ve probably visited gazillion blogs (well, fine, make that just more than 200) in order to verify if the link that was provided works. I sometimes stay long enough to read a few lines, but I rarely leave comments. Some of you might have seen my MyBlogLog profile on your sidebar, and wondered why I didn’t leave my mark. Let’s just say that if I left a message on each and every site I’ve check, we’d be announcing winners for this year’s Blog Awards next year—it would just take too long.

Visiting all these blogs reminded me of Jayvee’s post where he asked his readers about their blog convictions. Since I would feel bad if I wasn’t included in his blogroll, I told a bit of mine. But sometimes you get to visit so many blogs of different views and convictions, you get to a point when you really ask yourself about your own.

Why do I blog?

There are many different things that come to mind. But let’s just look at five of them, shall we?

  1. I blog because I like to write.
    Pretty generic, but really, I do. Isn’t it obvious by the length of my posts?
  2. I blog because it’s not designing.
    Design will always be my first love (yep, I’d put it atop of blogging), but blogging does break the monotony of too much CSS and Photoshop.
  3. I blog because it relaxes me.
    Oddly enough, it does. Writing down those sudden bursts of inspiration (that don’t always necessarily make sense), keeps me calm from the usual impending doom I feel whenever I’m faced with an important deadline. Hmm. Maybe that’s why I’m blogging now!
  4. I blog because it keeps my sponsors happy.
    If I don’t blog, the site goes stagnant. And when that happens, I lose sponsors. And when I lose sponsors, I become sad 😛
  5. I blog because I want people to have something to think about.
    Well, nothing too philosophical, or I probably won’t understand it myself. But you know, making ordinary, daily things interesting.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been leaning towards Reason Number 5 that’s why I’ve been blogging a bit more often lately (hey, that’s three days in a row!)—I don’t know. Probably. The past few days, I seem to have more things to talk about. Ordinary, every day things. And for some reason, I’ve been having this weird appreciation for simple things coming to life.

My dad was right. Beauty can come in even the plainest of packages—it is how you look at it and appreciate it that makes the difference.

I blog because it helps me better appreciate the things that people usually ignore.

How about you? Why do you blog?